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Imlie 18th May 2022 Aryan walks to Jyoti’s room and nervously informs her that he made arrangements for a date with Imlie. Jyoti laughs and says he can’t handle a ball, how will he handle the 3 magical words. He asks if everything will happen in a proper way. She says of course, true love’s energy is very positive and wishes him all the best. He thanks her and leaves. Jyoti thinks she will get Imlie rid off her and Aryans’s lives.

Gudiya tries to spoil Imlie’s sari. Jyoti stops her and asks what is she doing. Gudiya says she cannot tolerate Aryan proposing Imlie and is already heartbroken after seeing Aryan marrying Imlie. Jyoti says she has already made a better plan to spoil their date. Gudiya says if Jyoti succeeds,

she will upload her pic with Jyoti in social media. They notice Imlie entering room and hide behind the bed. Imllie gets happy seeing Aryan’s gifted sari with a note on the bed. Jyoti and Gudiya silently walk away while Imlie is busy feeling good. Imlie feels happy that Aryan is doing so much for her and prays Seeta maiya to keep her happy today without any worries.

Nila provokes Narmada that Imlie is trying to gain Aryan’s sympathy by getting closer to him when Narmada is angry on her. Arpita walks in and says its not Imlie’s mistake as Aryan wants to propose her and reminds Narmada that even she wanted Aryan and Imlie to get closer soon. Narmada says Imlie is trying to get Aryan on her side when she is angry on Imlie, why should Aryan always sacrifice for Imlie;

she is just worried about Aryan’s health and happiness, but Imlie is just thinking about herself. Arpita says Aryan is really happy with Imlie and she never saw her brother so happy till now. Jyoti enters and says she has seen him always happy in college and says Aryan sought her help in proposing Imllie. Narmada asks her to be with Aryan and take care of him or else he forgets everything being with Imlie. Arpita thanks Jyoti that Aryan will be with Imlie because of her. Jyoti walks away grinning.

Aryan and Imlie get ready for a date. My Dil Goes Hmmm.. song plays in the background. Imlie feels every excited for the date. She then walks to Aryan. Aryan gets mesmerized with her beauty. They both at once say they are looking good and feel nervous. He extends his hand. She asks if he is taking her out.

Narmada walks to her and asks her to take care of Aryan wherever they are going as Aryan just got out of the hospital. Imlie agrees and takes her blessings. Arpita wishes good luck to Aryan. Imlie asks if he has any exam. Arpita says she can think so. Aryan prays Seeta maiya to handle the situation and leaves house with Imlie.

Aryan stops his car in the middle of jungle. Imlie thinks if he thinks himself as an animal that he brought her to the jungle. Aryan says jungle is the best place for her. He blindfolds her and takes her to a tree house. She jumps excitedly and says she never saw such a big monkey house in her life and says she will call Arpita and Sundar here. Aryan says its a tree house which he built for her, but she wants to call Arpita and Sundar here.

He keeps her mobiles aside. She excitedly climbs the tree house and gets more surprised seeing the arrangements there. Aryan thinks he doesn’t have any chance seeing her drama. She asks him to come up. He struggles to climb the house. Imlie asks if he cannot see the stairs. He says he wants to climb like her. She says he will hurt himself. He asks how does he look to her. She asks why did he build this tree house for her and wrote his name next to her name. He says she is very special to him. He asks why. Jyoti reaches there with a saw to cut the tree house.


Imlie 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aryan and Imlie dance romantically on the tree house. Jyoti cuts its pillar. Imlie falls down into a marsh.

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Telecast Date:18th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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