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Imlie 18th July 2022 Aryan rushes Imlie to the hospital and looks at Imlie standing outside the ICU. He recalls the accident. Doctor asks why is he standing here since 1 hour instead of being with his family. Aryan asks if his wife and baby will be fine. Doctor says he cannot say anything and walks into the ICU.

Aryan recalls his and Imlie’s conversation and thinks he couldn’t become a good friend or husband to Imlie. He walks to family and cries lying in Narmada’s lap. Narmada asks if Imlie and Chiku are fine.

Aryan says he can’t forgive himself if something happens to either of them. Narmada says god has to listen to their prayers. Doctor walks to Aryan and says they tried a lot, but couldn’t save the baby. Narmada breaks down hearing that. Arptia and Sundar rush to her and comfort her. Aryan walks away from other senslessly.

Malini looks at the sindhoor bottle gifted by Imlie and thinks Imlie snatched her right of applying sindhoor, now she will not let Imlie apply the sindhoor. She throws the bottle in fire. Anu offers her champagne to celebrate the first day of her victory.

Malini says she will celebrate it with her baby first because of whom she could step on the ladder of success. She addresses her baby. Baby starts crying. She feels irritated. Anu says she will call the hospital find out what is happening with servant Imlie.
Imlie sits crying recalling the love for her baby. Toot Ke Hum Dono Me.. song plays in the background. Aryan walks to her room and sits on the ground recalling his and Imlie’s nok jhok reading the baby.

Narmada, Arpita, and Sundar peep from the door and cries recalling their excitement for the baby. They comfort Imlie and Aryan. Malini tells Anu that destroyal has found a path of Imlie, one who destroyed other’s life is experiencing her own destroyal.

She says she can’t keep her own baby when Imlie lost her baby and says she doesn’t feel headache with her baby crying for the first time and wishes her baby goodbye. She carries the cracdlle out of the house.

Imlie gets discharged from the hospital. Aryan holds her hand and reaches home and then to their room. They both blame each other for baby’s loss. Aryan sys he faced death taking his dear ones away, earlier his father and BIL and today his baby because of Imlie. He breaks down recalling Imlie’s promise and reminds her. Imlie says their baby was their beautiful dream. Aryan says she broke that dream.

Imlie says it was an accident. Aryan says she purposefully ran on the stairs even after he assured that he will protect Gudiya. Imlie says even she wanted to protect Gudiya. Aryan says she is a mother who risked her baby’s life for someone else’s baby, obviously she worried for Gudiya more than Chiku. Imlie asks what did he say. He says loves Gudiya more than Chiku as Gudiya is Aditya’s baby.


Imlie 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie confronts Aryan for accusing her of still loving Aditya and asks how can she live with him. Aryan asks her to leave then.

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Telecast Date:18th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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