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Imlie 17th May 2022 Imlie prepares food for Narmada and Arpita in the kitchen with the sevant’s help when Jyoti walks to her and asks why she is preparing food for Narmada when she humiliated her so much. Imlie asks what is wrong in it. Jyoti says she must have felt bad, why is she tolerating it.

Imlie says a mother worries for her children and it doesn’t matter if a mother scolds her children, even her own mother scolds her a lot, she likes mother’s both scolding and rotis. Jyoti says its good that she is taking it positively and wishes she gets some love from the house. Imlie says she got immense love from Narmada and Arpita. Jyoti asks what about Aryan. Imlie says not like that.

Jyoti says Aryan is her best friend and shares everything with her, she knows her situation, its good that Aryan respects her and that is more important in a marriage. She asks if she loves Aryan. Imlie gets nervous and tries to change the topic. Jyoti thinks Imlie shouldn’t reveal it anyone as love is the only feeling which will unite Aryan and Imlie, she will separate them before they develop this feeling.

Imlie takes food for Narmada and requests her to have it. Narmada says she is not hungry. Imlie says she knows that she doesn’t accept defeat easily. Narmada says she is not the one she used to know. Imlie requests her to give her one more chance to explain herself. Narmada says she already gave her one chance and now her drama will not work on her. Imlie cries that she is not doing any drama.

Narmada asks if she will not go out of her room easily, already she captured her son and wants to capture her house now. Imlie say she gave a place in her house and heart. Narmada walks away saying she feels like taking back everything from her. Aryan hears their conversation. Imlie confronts her Seeta Maiya that she is giving her only troubles and pleads her to return her mother’s love.

Aryan tries to walk to Imlie seeing her crying. Arpit takes him aside and asks why he is so concerned about Imlie. He says Imlie is crying and needs a friend’s support. Arpita makes him realize that Imlie needs a husband’s support instead and insists him to accept that he loves Imlie describing how her small issues matter to him.

He further insists him to express his love for Imlie as his love will be a support and future for Imlie. Aryan walks towards Imlie’s room when Jyoti stops him and takes him to her room saying there is a big problem. He asks what really happened. She then spreads smoke around him. He asks why did she call him here when she is fine. She says she is fine, but why he is nervous.

He asks her how does she know. She says she is his bestfriend and he should discuss his problems with her. He says he wants to share his feelings for Imlie. She gets shocked hearing that and asks if he didnt’ share his feelings with her yet.

He says he just realized it just a minute ago. She gets tensed and says he speaks so much, then why can’t he express his feelings to someone. He says someone is Imlie and asks if she will help him and walk away. She thinks only she truly loves him and before he expresses his feelings for Imlie, she will destroy everything.

Next morning, Aryan wakes up and notices Imlie drying her hair after a bathe. He acts as asleep and drops a pillow. She throws water from her hair while doing chores. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and walks behind her. Bheegisi Bhagisi Mere Bazuon Me Samaye..

song plays in the background. Imlie bumps with him and feels shy. She then starts usual nok jhok and asks why didn’t he inform her after he woke up. He asks her to continue what she is doing. She says she cannot understand him. He thinks only she understands him. She then prays god. Even he prays god and says he is Imlie’s husband and wants to express his love for her, he feels lucky that he got a jungli partner like Imlie, he will clear all her doubts and make her realize how much he loves her. He says he will get whatever belongs to him.

She asks if he said something. He asks which shampoo she used as it smells good. She asks if he is fine, he looks red as if he is having fever. He says he has something else and holding her hand says he will not keep any word pending.


Imlie 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aryan takes Imlie to a tree house and says she is very special to him. Jyoti cuts the tree house, and Imlie falls down.

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Telecast Date:17th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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