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Imlie 16th June 2021 KC tells Anu and Dev that he never misused someone in life and their daughter is misusing him instead. Dev says Malini is divorcing Aditya because of him. He is shocked to hear that and remembers previous incidents. Anu yells that don’t know what he do to Malini that she herself accepted that she is having an affair with him. KC thinks don’t know what drama crazy lady has created and tries to speak. Anu continues yelling. Dev warns her to stay away from Malini and not interfere between Malini and Adi’s life if he is a good man. KC agrees.

After college, Imlie tells Malini that she gets happy seeing her but other students get afraid. Malini says because she is students’ professor and Imlie’s Malini didi and offers to teach her English whenever she wants to. She asks about Nishant. Imlie says his cancer has reached stage 2 and doctor has started chemotherapy. Malini hopes he recovers soon. KC clashes with her. Imlie asks if he came here to discuss about case. KC says he came to meet Malini. Malini says he came to have coffee with her. He holds his hand over her shoulder and says let us go. Malini leaves with him. Imlie thinks if Adi is right about them. KC and Malini’s nok jhok starts. He says she is really a teacher. He asks what is he doing here. He says he wanted to talk to her regarding a genuine problem.

Dev calls Adi and asks if they can meet. Adi says he will reach when and wherever he wants to meet. Dev thanks him and disconnects call. Anu asks what did Adi says. Dev says he spoke normally. Anu says he has to after what he did. Dev says its because of Mailni’s affair. Anu says betrayal is in his blood, that is why his both daughters don’t know to respect relationships. He walks away saying let us talk about Malini and Adi first and then about themselves. Malini asks KC what he wants to talk about. KC asks why she is divorcing Adi. She says its her personal issue. He says her personal issue is affecting his professional life, her father came to his office and threatened to complain in law tribunal against him as the thinks he is responsible for her divorce.

Adi meets Dev. Dev requests him not to divorce Malini as he told Malini is his best friend forever, they should amicably sort out issues. Adi says he wants to peacefully finish divorce proceedings. Dev says its because of KC, did he meet him. Adi says he is a good lawyer. Dev says maybe he is good in his profession, but he is a bad man as he called Malini a mad girl. Dev says he doesn’t know why KC reacted badly, but he is a good man. Malini shocked asks KC if her parents came to his office. He says yes. She assures him that her parents will not trouble him. He says she lied Imlie, Adi, her parents, and his parents and why did she take his name.

She says she cannot explain, but she promises that she or her family will not meet him again. Dev says Malini wants to follow a relationship which KC doesn’t want to, pleads Adi not to divorce Malini. Adi says its their mutual decision, he trusts Malini and if she thinks KC is right for him, then he must be. Dev says he can understand about Malini, but why he wants divorce. Malini tells KC that she lied and will sort it out herself, he will not be troubled again because of her. He says ok. She leaves. He thinks if he will never meet her again and calls her loudly. Dev and Adi who are standing nearby notice them. Adi tells Dev that they both look happy, KC must have lied with a reason. Dev thinks Malini is roaming freely with KC now.

Pallavi offers rasmalai to Imlie and asks who are everyone at family. Imlie thinks she wants to know about Nishant, but she will not give direct answer. She starts blabbering about her mother and grandmother. Pallavi says she is not asking about Pagdandiya, but about Delhi family. She blabbers again about Harish and others. Pallavi says she means other.s. Imlie talks about Sundar. Pallavi says there is one more person. Imlie says Nishant, then says she speaks a lot, is wasting her time and not letting her study, so she will go home and study. She walks away leaving her book and hides. Pallavi picks book and thinks she should go to her house to return it.

Imlie thinks she should come home and question about Nishant there. She reaches home and thinks if Pallavi doesn’t come and return book, how will she study. She remembers her fellow students playing flames game and thinks she can play it herself with Adi’s name. She writes Aditya and writes her thinking for each word. Adi snatches her book and scolds her that she is wasting time instead of studying. She says one needs play, she is a kid who goes to college and not office like him and is very much younger than him. He asks her study first instead of playing game. Door bell rings. Imlie rushes towards door. Sundar walks towards door. She pushes him and warns not to open door. Their nok jhok starts. Nishant stops their fight and opens door. He stands emotional seeing Pallavi.


Imlie 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie calls Adi as Mr. Tripathi and says thank you. He says your welcome. She says I love you. Family hears that and Aparna asks w hat did she say.

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Telecast Date:16th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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