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Imlie 15th September 2022 Malini says accordinng to her, Imlie is the world’s biggest idiot as she couldn’t expose her completely even after knowing the truth. Anu asks her to stop. Malini says let Imlie know that she is not afraid of Imlie’s childish acts and will show what real villain means. She says nobody is a born villain,

the world kills his/her goodness with atrocities, Imlie killed her goodness by snatching her happiness and reason to live, now her life’s only motto is snatching Imlie’s happiness and destroy her. She reveals how she tried to kill Imlie and even Cheeni at an independence day event and herself got trapped and how stupid Imlie showed her greatness and saved her.

She further reveals how she created differences between Aditya and Imlie and separated them, how she abandoned her 3-month-old daughter in front of Imlie and let her take away her problem. She further reveals how she pushed her own daughter’s pram and made Imlie fall from stairs and lose her baby.

Aryan says he didn’t have right that time and will send her to jail this time. Cheeni asks who is going to jail. Imlie tells Aryan that he has to spare Malini for Cheeni’s sake and tells Cheeni nobody is going to jail.

Aryan warns Malini that its not the end and he will make sure she leaves the world first. He says family let us go from here. Imlie tells Malini that she will never get Cheeni again in life and takes her away.

Malini stands crying. Narmada cries that they lost Chiku because of Malini, Aryan wouldn’t have spared Malini if she wasn’t Cheeni’s mother. Neela asks her to forget the past and be happy for her upcoming grandchild. Imlie tries to touch Narmada’s feet. Narmada stops her and says she shouldn’t bend during pregnancy.

Aryan says Imlie already has someone else in her life and baby doesn’t belong to him. Cheeni reveals that she had given them bhang mixed milk and they got intimate in a hut that night. Aryan recalls the event and says that means he is the father of Imlie’s baby. Narmada laughs and says he is a fool.

She takes Imlie home and brings aarti thali to welcome her. Aryan takes thali from her and performs Imlie’s aarti. Arpita says she got her team back to pull Aryan’s ears. Cheeni high five’s with her. Narmada welcomes Imlie in.

Imlie thanks Neela and Preeta for their help. Neela says they always troubled her, but she always supported them. She hugs Imlie and says she is more sweter than Meethi, asks her to apologize Meethi from her side, and says she and Preeta are going from here. Preeta says she is deleting Aryan’s page from her life but will watch her and Aryan from a distance. Imlie hugs her and says she will miss them. Preeta takes a family selfie.

Att night, Imlie writes a song for her baby that he/she should be hi/sher father. Aryan smiles looking at her. He walks to her and emotionally says she is his family but broke her repeatedly, even then she wants baby to be like him. Imlie says he stood by her always. Aryan says its his mistake. She says he is blaming only himself and instead should share 50% blame with her as a true partner. He says she is everything to him and he will live and die with her.


Imlie 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini tells Anu that its an important day and she is having a last dhamekdar exit. Imlie prays at temple to protect Cheeni. Malini plants a bomb in a temple.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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