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Imlie 15th June 2021 Imlie brings juice to Nishant and says if he needs anything, he should call her. Nishant says he knew family will shatter if his truth will be out and hopes it wouldn’t have come out. Imlie thinks even she is hiding a truth and asks not to think about it. He says he cannot see his family’s sad faces thinking he will go anytime. She asks him to not think much and rest. She walks down and sees family crying worried for Nishant’s health, says she wants to talk to them. Harish asks if Nishu is fine. She says if they want him to get well, they should stop crying. Radha says Nishant is her son, how can she not worry for him. Imlie asks why he speaks to plants and cracks jokes. Harish says to make them grow faster and be healthy.

Imlie asks why can’t he understand his son’s mind then, Nishant hid the truth as he cannot see them in pain, they are crying instead of supporting him. Harish cries saying he got angry on Nishant when he returned home, he didn’t know that Nishant was fighting against his illness since 10 years. Aparna says now that he has returned, they should support him. Imlie says they should act positive. Pankaj says she is right, Nishu’s chemotherapy sessions will be more painful and they need to support him. Rupali cries that her brother was so lively, then he broke up with Pallavi and went to US for 10 years, why all this is happening to him Imlie reminisces Nishant and Pallavi’s emotional meeting and thinks if Nishant’s happiness can return with canteen did/Pallavi’s return, she needs to find out if they still love each other.

Imlie reaches college canteen and seeing Pallavi lost in thoughts thinks she should find out if canteen didi is thinking of Nishant of something else. She greets her and says everyone liked her food. Pallavi gets happy and asks if he also liked it, she means the one who came with her. Imlie jokes Sundar liked it a lot. Pallavi says she means another man who came with her, his name was Niraj or something. Imlie says his name is Nishant and asks if she knows him. Pallavi says she doesn’t know him. Imlie thinks spark is still alive here, she should find out if Nishant also still loves Pallavi. She then realizes that she needs to meet KC regarding Satyakam’s case and rushes out.

Imlie with Adi meets Kunal. Adi checks Kunal’s prepared Satyakam’s case study and praises him that he mentioned everything in the file. KC says he will try his best to get justice to Satyakam. Malini walks in. KC gets naughty and hugs her tightly saying what a surprise craby. Malini replies. Imlie asks what is craby. He says in excitement he mixed crazy and baby, asks Malini if her work is done. She says yes, she finished her work at Desai uncle’s office. Adi takes her aside and asks if they can postpone their divorce for a few days.

She asks why, there is no meaning of delaying when they have already decided; he doesn’t know how much Desai uncle, mom and dad are pressurizing her to cancel divorce. He informs that he found out that Nishant has second-stage blood cancer. She is shocked to hear that and asks if she can meet Nishant. He says of course she can meet him anytime, his treatment is continuing, and seeing family’s tension he wants to postpone divorce. She says she is worried for Nishant. He says he knows its difficult for her, she can think well, discuss about it with KC, and inform him. She says he should tell Nishant that he is a strong him and she is there for him, even he can call her whenever he needs her. He nods yes and leaves with Imlie.

Kc offers her tea and jokes, says whenever he sees her with Adi and Imlie, she looks upset, so can he ask how is she related to them. She asks if he has a right to question her. He says he has as he is her boyfriend. She asks what he gets with argument. He says he is a lawyer and sharpens his skills with argument, he gets many ideas for his arguing with her, its like an investment for him. She says he should thank her then. He asks her to pay for the tea. She says she owes him 5 rs. He laughs and says even she should, he feels like she has created a shield around her. Desai passes by, notices them, and informs Dev. She tells him that this shield to protect herself, alone life is very simple and it gets complicated when they let someone around them, so for the time being she wants to keep her life very simple.

Imlie returns home and tells family that Adi’s birthday party food was very delicious. Radha backs her. Imlie says she went to canteen didi and praised her food as she meets her regularly. Radha walks away asking Nishant to rest till she prepares something for him. Imlie tells Nishant she will go now. He says yes. She hopes he stops her and repeatedly walks back, but he is lost in thought. She asks him to lie down and again acts as leaving. He stops her and asks why she calls him chote babu saheb as if he is a government officer, she should call him something else. She says Nishant bhaiya. He says she is like an younger sister and shouldn’t hide secrets. She says even elder brothers shouldn’t hide secrets. He asks if her canteen didi asked about him, what was her name. She asks why would she ask about him when they don’t know each other. He says he wanted to give her a party order, anyways forget it as he will not attend it. She walks away thinking fire is alive on both sides.

Dev and Anu reach Kunal’s office. Kunal asks if they came here for a case. Anu yells she will file case against him for trapping a rich girl. He asks who are they. Dev says they are Malini’s parents, he will use all his resources and will get him blacklisted, so he should stay away from Malini. He says he now realized why that woman/Malini is crazy, its family problem. Anu continues yelling to ruin his life if he doesn’t stop seeing Malini. Dev informs that Malini is divorcing Aditya because of him. He stands shocked hearing that.


Imlie 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie calls Adi as Mr Tripathi and thanks him.He says your welcome. She says I love you. Family hearing that asks what did she say.

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