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Imlie 15th July 2022 Imlie comforts Malini’s baby and makes her sleep. She cries emotionally when the baby holds her sari pallu in sleep. She then notices a form in the table and is shocked to learn its an orphanage form.

Malini enters and asks her time is over now, so she should get out. Imlie hides the form thinking if Malini really wants her send her baby to an orphanage. She asks Malini if she named her baby. Malini says they donn’t name the toys.

Imlie says she wouldn’t dare to tell this in front of her husband. Malini asks her again to get out if her drama is over. Aryan forcefully enters the room while Anu tries to stop him. Imlie says she has a pooja at her home and describes a weird Padgandiya story.

Anu feels irritated. Imlie says many mothers with their children will visit her house and hopes Malini also visits with her baby. Anu addressing her as a servant says they will. Malini says of course they will go as she will do any pooja for her baby’s good health.

Imlie with Aryan reaches an orphanage. Aryan questions Imlie why she apologized Malini and invited her home, what are they doing here now. She says he will find out soon. She meets orphanage manager and asks about the case she discussed.

Manager informs that even she is surprised that Malini wants to give her daughter to the orphanage even after being so rich, she gave a huge donation which would help the orphanage, so orphanage accepted her request.

Imlie explains her plan to Aryan and the secretary. Manager says she will do as she says. Imlie feels happy and tries to leave. Aryan holds her and asks where is she going. She says to home to make pooja arrangments, says she proved that she is not wrong.

Aryan says he is wrong as he is selfish and doesn’t want her to think of anyone else except them and wants her to concentrate on their family. She asks what is he saying. He says she is repeating the same mistake and letting people control her, she will be involved in other’s problems so much that she will forget herself and he cannot lose her.

She says she is with him and cannot lose Gudiya also, so he should support her in her last try. Aryan says he will support her and wants her and Chiku’s safety in return. She promises and says until he is with her, nothing can happen to her.

Anu tells Malini that servant Imlie just wants to prove that she is not good mother. Malini says she knows and will trap Imlie in her own plan. Anu asks why she wants to go in front of a person who is targeting her, if she has any weapon against Imlie. Malini says Imlie is bought up playing with weapons, she will use a toy against Imlie.

Shwe throws a cradle and says Imlie’s biggest strength is Aryan’s companionship and if their companionship breaks, Imlie will break down. They both visit Imlie’s house. Imlie greets them and thanks them for coming. Neela yells why is she feeling happy seeing them here. Malini says Imlie means seeing Gudiya back.

Arpita says Gudiya is adorable. Anu says if she knows they would treat them like this, she wouldn’t have come here. Pratha tells Neela that Anu is speaking like Neela. Anu says Malini is a good mother and can do anything for her daughter. Narmada invites them for pooja. Imlie thinks once orphanage manager comes, she will expose Malini.

They all sit for pooja. Gudiya starts crying. Guests discuss that Malini is not at all bothered about her baby. Anu searches for the milk bottle and feeds milk to Gudiya. Gudiya continues crying. Malini tries to calm her down. Imlie says baby is having some pain and asks her to accompany her. Malini agrees. Imlie thinks however bad Malini is, she will not let Gudiya hungry in front of everyone.

Malini rudely orders Gudiya to shut up till her plan is successful; she says when she was alone and crying, nobody came to comfort her, then why should she comfort her. She throws milk in a plant pot, walks to Imlie and says baby is crying even after she fed whole milk to her, she will call the doctor. Imlie recalls doctor informing that baby needs blood transufion often. Malini tells Anu that baby is a loud speaker and is gathering everyone’s attention. She enjoys prasad.

Imlie walks to Guidya and finds milk in the pot instead. She feeds milk to the baby and determines to expose Malini. She returns Gudiya to Malini and prays Seeta maiya to help her in separating Gudiya and keeping Gudiya with her and even exposing Malini’s truth in front of everyone. Orphanage manager enters. Malini gets nervous seeing her.


Imlie 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie slips and falls from terrace, leaving Aryan in shock.

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Telecast Date:15th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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