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Imlie 15th April 2021 Reporters ask Imlie who is her husband. Imlie says her husband is god. Reporter says for every woman, her husband is her god, what is her husband’s name. Imlie says she shouldn’t insult one’s devotion, they apply god’s named sindhoor in their village. Reporters clap for her. Janendra thinks like husband wife is also a big liar. Imlie excuses herself and goes behind stage. Adi follows her. She panics that she didn’t want to do that, she will go away from him and Malini. He hugs and calms her down and feeds her water. She stammers that she in front of everyone. He says she told truth, they cannot live in fear hiding truth for long and hugs her. Janendra records their video and thinks he will expose Adi today. Adi notices him.

Janendra runs away. Imlie asks Adi to stop Janendra from exposing truth. Adi says let everyone find out truth. Janendra reaches Tripathi house and rings bell. Boss pulls him away. Nishant opens door and not finding anyone closes it back. Boss scolds Janendra for reaching his colleague’s house to vent out his personal vengeance. Adi with Imlie reaches home and noticing them sends Imlie in, walks to them and tells Janendra that he couldn’t teach him that their fight is against corruption and system and is not a liar. Janendra says he is a big liar himself who has kept 2 wives at home and is teaching him morales. Adi angrily tries to hit him, but boss stops him. Adi yells that Janendra is trying to ruin Imlie’s life who is from Pagdandiya and wants to succeed in her life with her hard work, her fate threw her in tough situations and she is entangled in problems, instead of helping her, Janendra is trying to ruin her future, etc. Janendra deletes pics and walks away. Adi asks boss not to dismiss Janendra. Boss says he is worried for him instead, today he handled situation somehow, till when he will escape. Adi says he doesn’t want to and is waiting for the right time to tell truth to everyone. Boss asks when will that right
time come. Adi says he doesn’t know and walks in.

Imlie walks in sadly. Aparna asks how she felt hearing reporters’ questions and asks if sindhoor issue got overexaggerated. She says city people don’t know about village rituals, so she shouldn’t bother about them and continue her rituals. She asks if she and Adi had food. She says she is not hungry. Aparna says food is in fridge, she and Adi can have it. Imlie thinks Malini wanted to go out for dinner with Adi, but she spoilt it. Aparna hugs her saying hits from her mother and asks her to serve food to Adi and having it with him. Imlie serves food on dining table. Adi walks in and sits for dinner saying nothing went wrong. He insists her to have food with him. She says she is not hungry. He insists. Malini joins them and says she was waiting for them and asks Imlie to sit with them. Imlie repeats she is not hungry. Adi insists her to have food and asks Malini if she filled Imlie’s admission form and submitted it. Malini says she got busy in the evening and will submit it tomorrow. He yells that Imlie may lose admission, etc. Malini says still deadline hasn’t ended, so she will do it tomorrow. Adi insits Imlie again to sit with them. Imlie walks away thinking she should let Malini have dinner with Adi.

Next morning, Imlie shows admission form to Tauji. Tauji scolds her for not filling it yesterday. Their nok jhok starts. Malini walks in and asks what is happening. Adi rudely yells at her that what she didn’t do yesterday, if she had filled the form and submitted it online, this issue wouldn’t have arisen. Malini walks back to her room. Aparna scolds Adi for his rude behavior with Malini and asks him to go and convince her and bring her back. Adi walks away yelling that only he has to apologize. He apologizes Malini for his rude words. Malini says its okay as she wouldn’t have stayed with him if she had bothered about this bitter words, she got adjusted to it and even he should learn to mind his language. He argues that he is not work and is tensed because of his job.

She says its not always because of his job, he always tries to speak and stops midway and doesn’t even when she insists, they didn’t even go on a honeymoon even after many months of marriage and he gives work excuses always. He says he was really busy then. She says she always gets sorry instead of answer. He says he is stuck between commitments. She asks what kidn of commitments he has which is making him lie to her and his family, why did he marry her if he has to behave with her so rudely. He asks if she seriously thinks so. She says seeing his behavior looks like he doesn’t want to stay with her, she just wants a moment in which she can see his love for her in his eyes. He starts blabbering that he is afraid of her reaction and her repeated falling unconscious events. She says she just wants her right to be his wife and holds his hands. He says someone will see them. She says its their room and why would anyone interfere. Imlie walks towards their room and stops hearing that and thinks she doesn’t have right to enter husband and wife’s room.


Imlie 16th April 2021 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini sees Imlie wearing Adi’s watch and questions her. Adi says she didn’t have phone or watch to check time, so he gave it to her. He asks her to sit behind in car. She asks him to go to his job while she drives Imlie to college. Adi says he already informed his office that he would be late as he has some important work. She says he already that there are some important works apart from his job and asks Imlie to sit behind as she is sitting in her place.

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Telecast Date:15th April 2021
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