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Imlie 14th January 2021 Aparna and other ladies prepare snacks for sankranti celebrations. Dhruv brings jaggery. Taiji asks Sundar to divide jaggery in 8 equal parts. Malini walks to them and apologizes for her mom’s misbehavior. Aparna says she can say sorry for not serving them kheer. Rupal asks her to prepare kheer and serve it to them. Aparna says a mother can understand mother’s heart, and since they are all mothers here, Malini doesn’t have to apologize them for her mother. Malini prepares kheer and serves it to them. Badimaa says its color came so well and its very tasty.

In Pagdandiya, Adi is busy attend villagers’ celebration for him and Imlie when Malini calls him and says she was missing him. He walks aside. She informs him what Anu did and her concern for her, says Anu wants her to visit Pagdandiya. He gets tensed and asks if she is coming. Just then, a villager addresses Adi as jamai babu and asks him to join them in celebration. Imlie noticing that takes lady away. Malini asks who is calling him jamai babu. He says there is wedding procession going around here and a lady is calling her son-in-law. She laughs.

Mithi then serves feast to Adi. Imlie’s friend asks if she will fly kite with her even during this makar sankranti. She nods yes. Mithi says they have a ritual of girl making kites for herself and her would be husband every year, but Imlie made only 1 kite, this year she will make it even for him. Imlie goes out. Dulari chats with Adi next. In Delhi, Sunny and Tia tell family that Imlie had promised to prepare kite for them but is missing.

Back in Pagdandiya, Adi takes food for Imlie saying she is on medicines and doctor told to have food on time. He speaks emotionally saying he has to lie to his family, Malini, and her family whenever he visits Pagdandiya and feels very guilty regarding it. He continues and says he doesn’t want to stay at her house and return to his lodge. Satyakam enters and says they respect and consider damad/SIL as god and home as temple, so a god cannot leave temple; he has to stay back home and finish rituals. Adi says he came here on duty to interview a meeting between Satyakam and government.

Satyakam says an axle never befriends a tree, he will speak to government after sankranti, till then Adi should stay back and enjoy the rituals. He gets a call and walks aside. Adi tells Imlie that he will not stay there and will leave for lodge whatever it happens and he is not worried for his life. Imlie pleads him to stop and says Satyakam and his team may reach Malini to take revenge on him, so he shouldn’t risk her life. He stops. She says she is ready to sacrifice her ife to protect him. Satyakam finishing his call asks Imlie if everything is fine. She nods yes. He leaves. After sometime, Imlie sets Adi’s bed outside house and says she has kept more blankets for him. Her friends walk in and joke that they cannot sleep together today. Another friend says after khichdi ritual, they will decorate a room for them for their suhagrat again in Pagdandiya. Adi walks away.

Friends taunt Imlie that they want to know what happened during last suhagraat and ask if Adi loves her so much as he is a city man and very handsome. Imlie reminisces Adi scolding her. Friends ask if her house is very big with a big room. Imlie reminisces Adi warning her to remember her place in his house and life, etc. She lies that she has a big house with in-laws and many relatives and ehr room is very big. Friends continue questioning her. Imlie continues sadly reminiscing Adi’s bitter words and thinks her marriage is just a dream.


Imlie 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie challenges in kite flying competition. Adi accepts it. Villagers encourage them.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
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