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Imlie 13th May 2022 Imlie hits the car in front of her car to clear the traffic jam. Car owner complains her and asks if she will pay for his loss. Imlie agrees and threatens other vehicle owners to move their vehicle or else she will break even their vehicle. Traffic jam clears. Imlie speeds her car to the hospital and tells nurse that she got a blood donor.

Nurse says there is no need now as someone already brought the blood. Jyoti gives blood to the doctor and asks if Aryan will be saved now. Doctor nods yes and transfuses blood to Aryan. Aryan’s condition stabilizes. Narmada thanks Jyoti for arranging blood on time and asks how did she do it.

She recalls bribing wardboy for the blood and lies that all their positive energy made her arrange the blood. Imlie thanks Jyoti and happily tells Narmada that by Seema Maiya’s grace Jyoti brought the blood, even she had gone to arrange the blood.

Narmada gives her a tight slap of her life. Arpita supports Imlie and asks Narmada what happened to her. Narmada warns her not now and says when a mother acts like children’s friend, friends forget the difference between mother and friend; she wants to remind her that she is still a mother and warns Arpita to dare not make the mistake of taking interfering when she speaks. She takes Imlie aside.

Imlie asks if she is angry on her. Narmada asks her not call her a mother again. Imlie asks if she made a mistake. Narmada says she made a sin of misunderstanding her and couldn’t see that she is taking revenge with the world for the problems she faced. Imlie asks if she can tell what her mistake. Narmada says even she underestimated Imlie and now realized that she is acting innocent but is very clever.

She says she must have used her first married as a first step towards her success; she married Aditya and came to city, then went to college, and when she realized Aditya is of no use to her anymore, she dumped him and caught Aryan. She says she now realized how Aparna must be feeling after her only son went away from her, Imlie broke a mother’s trust on her and considers her marriages as a joke.

Imile repeats to tell what is her mistake. Narmada says Imlie misused Aryan for her benefit, she always used Aryan as her shield and got him shot and injured repeatedly. Imlie cries in shock. Narmada says Imlie trapped Aryan and her in crocodile tears and will take Aryan’s life for her greed; Imlie didn’t bother about her husband’s life and went to work;

Imlie will sacrifice her second husband and even find a 3rd of 4th husband for her benefit, but she cannot lose her only son. Imlie pleads to listen to her once. Narmada warns her to stay away from Aryan until he gets well. Imlie breaks down and cries vigorously lying on the hospital bed. Jo Bheji Thi plays in the background. She then looks at Aryan via glass door, recalls Narmada’s words, and walks out of hospital.

Doctor informs Narmada that Aryan’s condition is stable now and she can meet him now. Narmada with others enter Aryan’s room. Aryan tells Arpita that he is fine and thanks Sundar for taking care of Arpita and Narmada. Sundar says he should get well and take care of them. Nila says she will ward off Aryan’s nazar today.

Aryan thanks her. Gudiya says she prayed god that he shouldn’t have to wear an ugly bandage around his head. Aryan says they tie bandage where they are hurt. Jyoti Narmada gets emotional seeing his condition followed by Arpita. Aryan says he is fine. Narmada says he should thank Jyoti for arranging blood on time and saving his life. Aryan thanks Jyoti. He then asks about Imlie and asks if she is fine. Nila asks what will happen to her, she must be busy at work.

Aryan asks Narmada if something happened. Narmada says wherever she is, she will return back. Aryan says he will go to Imlie if she can’t come here and pulls off his IV line. Narmada stops him and says she will not let him do whatever he likes and risk his life again for Imlie as his life got into danger because of Imlie.

Aryan says she doesn’t know what exactly happened there, even Imlie didn’t know what would happen there, she is working for his company, so he needs to go to Imlie. Narmada stops her again and says Imlie doesn’t value the pious bonding of marriage and can even break her marriage with him for her benefit. Aryan stands shocked while Narmada grins.


Imlie 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aryan reaches Imlie. Imlie says she is unfit for him. He says he will color her from head to toe that nobody will identify her.She asks why he wants to do so much for her. He asks why is she silent after Narmada humiliated her.

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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
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