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Imlie 13th January 2021 Mithi performs Imlie and Aditya’s paghphera ritual. She dorns chunri on Imlie and performs their aarti. She then washes their feet. Piya Tose milne…song… plays in the background. At Tripathi House, Malini asks Anu why she gets so rude with her in-laws, they are her family, she was going to prepare something in kitchen for the first time and Anu misbehaved with everyone. Dev says her mom’s specialty is venting out somewhere’s anger at somewhere else. Malini asks if she is still stuck at honeymoon issue. Anu says earlier she was worried about only Malini, now she is worried about both Malini and Aditya and will do whatever it takes for their betterment. Nidhi with Aparna, Taiji, and Rupal walks to them and tells Dev that she is preparing samosas for him as Malini told she likes them. Dev says yes. Anu says they both have taken a decision. Dev says its only her decision. Anu says since Malini couldn’t go on honeymoon, she will go to Pagdandiya. Malini is shocked and asks what is she saying. Anu says she has train in 4 hours and should pack her bag soon. Aparna says Adi will return in 2 days, what will Malini do there. Anu says last time Adi went to Pagdandiya for 2 days and everyone knows what happened then. Malini says Aditya has gone to cover a story and will return in 2 days. Anu says there would be a time when husband gets irritated by wife’s presence, she has already experienced it and doesn’t want that situation in Malini’s life. Aparna says let us sit and chat.

Adi and Imlie continue performing ritual. Song continues playing in the background. Mithi tells Satyakam its difficult to be a daughter’s mother and more difficult to be a mother of daughter without a father. Satyakam asks not to worrya s everything is fine now. Mithi says by god’s grace her daughter looks very happy. Dulari asks Sarpanch if he doesn’t feel there is something wrong between Adi and Imlie. Sarpanch warns her to stop her rubbish. Rituals continue. Back in Delhi, Malini asks Anu and Dev what are they doing. Dev says he already warned Anu, but she doesn’t listen. Anu argues with him. Malini asks them tos top fighting and tells Anu that she had doubt on Adi since before and she used to tolerate that, but now she is Adi’s wife and will not tolerate that, she didn’t even think what would Adi’s family think, why she wants her to accompany Adi wherever he goes to cover a story. Anu says not everywhere, but Pagdandiya as she and Dev know what can happen there. Malini asks what will happen.

Pandit asks Adi and Imlie to exchange garlands and making them sit in front of havan asks to bring gathbandhan. Mithi asks Imlie to give her gathbandhan. Imlie says she didn’t bring it. Mithi asks to give her mangalsutra then. Adi says she forgot it at his house. Mithi asks Imlie why she didn’t wear mangalsutra as a married woman always wears it. Adi asks not to stretch the issue. Mithi says she knows the value of mangalsutra, its a right a husband gives to his wife and she keeps it whole life. Dulari yells that Mithi is life, there is no marriage without mangalsutra. Satyakam asks her to stop her nonsensical talk. Mithi gets thread mangalsutra and asks Adi to tie it over Imlie’s neck. Satyakam insists. Adi thihnks he gets trapped in Pagdandiya every time and ties mangalutra over Imlie’s neck. Pandit says this ritual is complete. Mithi hugs Imlie and prays that their jodi should be strong forever. Imlie thinks its Malini and Adi’s jodi and she came between them. Satyakam congratulates Adi and says he is a farmer and village’s soil is everything to him, he is giving this soil to him and he shouldn’t consider it as dust. Adi reminisces Dev telling he is giving his precious wealth Malini to him and he should take good care of her. Satyakam says he will leave now. Adi says even he will accompany him. Satyakam says he can’t as his team doesn’t completely trust Adi yet. Adia sks what about him. Satyakam says he does and will take him when he goes to meet police officer. Imlie’s friends insists Adi to dance with them. He says he doesn’t know to dance. Imlie rescues her. Rain starts. They all rush in. Mithi asks Imlie to go and play in rain as she likes it. Imlie says she is not in a mood. Mithi insists her to take Adi along and play. Adi thinks he wants to return to Malini finishing all this soon. Imlie prays god not to send Adi back to Pagdandiya again.

Anu tells Malini that whatever Adi did is not right, who leaves newly married bride alone. Malini says whole family is with her and they all take care of her, there is some or other celebration daily here, tomorrow there will be makar sankranti celebration and she will enjoy a lot. Anu says every celebration looks good when her husband loves her, but when husband stops loving her, even festival will look like mourning. Dev asks Malini about Anu’s words and walks away asking her to take care.


Imlie 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini calls Adi and hearing dhol sounds asks what is happening. Adi says there is festival celebration there. Villager addressing him as jamai babu/SIL asks to join them. Malini hears that.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
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