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Imlie 12th October 2021 Imlie remembers Malini tearing internship application form. She refixes form using a tape, takes its photocopies, prays Seeta maiya, and gets happy seeing new form. Malini calls Anu and informs her that she made sure Imlie doesn’t do internship at Adi’s office by tearing a last form.

Anu says even she started her plan to kick out senior servant from here. Meethi hears her conversation while working. Malini hopes she could kick Imlie out of her life permanently. Anu says soon senior and junior servants will return to Pagdandiya. Meethi thinks Imlie will not leave her sasural and even she will not leave C house until Imlie needs her help; she prays Seeta Maiya to help Imlie fail Malini’s plans.

Malini says she will not let Adi and Imlie patch up as Imlie’s internship is an excuse to be near Adi, so she will block all her ways to reach Adi. Imlie enters and says she made her own way, she brought new forms for her and she shouldn’t tear them as it takes trees to make papers and a teacher shouldn’t ruin a student’s life. Anu fumes that a 2-bit girl humiliated her daughter. She asks Meethi to bring coffee for her.

Meethi gets down the stool with great difficulty wearing high heeled sandals, goes to kitchen, and brings her coffee walking normally. Anu asks how is she walking normally. Meethi shows broken sandal heels and says her daughter taught her to get rid off problems. Anu gets angry and says she broke her costly sandals. Meethi says her area cobbler is from her village and will fix sandals for 10 rs. Anu shouts do hell with her. Meethi says thank you and walks away grinning.

Imlie serves dinner to T family and asks if they are full. Harish says yes and he can’t eat more. Imlie says she got ice cream. Harish sits back. Nishant jokes. Dulari says whoever don’t want to have ice cream can give it to her. Imlie serves ie cream. Rupali asks reason for celebration. Imlie says she is filing for internship at Adi’s newspaper and asks Adi to check form and help her fill it. Pankaj and Harish taunt Adi that he will act as Hitler even at office now. Adi gets angry and offers his ice cream to Pankaj.

Rupali says she is happy that Imlie is becoming a journalist inspired by Adi. Nishant asks if she wants to become a grumpy journalist like Adi or jovial like her. She says there is not comparison between her and Adi. Adi says she will learn everything with experience. She asks why will she become boring like him, she is a funny person. Rupali asks her to interview everyone. Imlie starts her jorkergiri and asks Dulari what she used to buy stealing money from her husband. Dulari gets nervous and apologizes her dead husband. Imlie then questions Nishant who expresses his love for Pallavi.

Imlie questions Pankaj next. Malini feels nauseous. Aparna asks if she is fine and offers her water. Rupali says she will bring honey lemon tea. Malini drops ice cream on Imlie’s internship form and rushes to washroom. Imlie gets sad seeing that. Aparna asks her not to get angry on Malini as she is pregnant. Adi asks Imlie not to worry as he will get her internship appointment from editor without application form.

Malini returns and seeing spoilt form apologizes and says it happened suddenly. Imlie says everything is happening suddenly here here. Harish says let us discuss the issue tomorrow as its late night. Radha says navratri is starting from tomorrow and they will have to organize mata ka darbar tomorrow. Harish says navratri committee members will visit early morning, so he needs to sleep now. Imlie sadly looks at her form again.

Adi asks Imlie not worry about form and prepare for her internship and walks away greeting her goodnight. Malini taunts her that whether she should greet her goodnight or not as she may dream which is out of her reach like her internship. Imlie says she should rest and let her baby rest, navrati is starting from tomorrow and she will pray Durga maa to evoke motherhood in her.

Next morning, Harish asks Sundar to make arrangements for tea and snacks before committee members come. Sundar says he has to set table right. Harish sees Imlie spreading her books all over table and asks what is happening. She asks him to teach her maths. He asks her to leave before committee members come.

She requests him to teach her maths. He agrees and asks her to show her book. Sundar clashes with him while bringing tea and he falls down writhing in severe neck pain. Imlie and Sundar continue their jokes. Harish says Sundar broke his neck. Family rushes to him worried. Door bell rings. Imlie rushes towards door and clashes with Adi. Adi holds her and their eyes lock. Malini gets jealous noticing that and asks Imlie to go and open door soon.


Imlie 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Committee members say if Imlie can bring idols by evening and decorate them, they will make her a committee member. Imlie agrees. Harish says he is trusting Imlie and she shouldn’t break his trust.Malini thinks Imlie will be kicked out of committee if she makes a mistake.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
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