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Imlie 12th May 2022 Imlie asks hospital receptionist if she could arrange B negative blood for Aryan. Receptionist says they are trying their best, but still unable to arrange it. Imlie continues to panic and asks every passerby if their blood is B negative. Narmada continues crying seeing Aryan’s condition.

Nila signals Gudiya and asks her to take Arpita along and get tea and snacks for Narmada. Arpita says she will not go leaving maa alone. Gudiya insists and takes her away.

Nila tries to brainwash Narmada against Imlie and says Aryan is getting into trouble continuously because of Imlie. Narmada asks her not to say that as Imlie saved Aryan many times and even now went to arrange blood for Aryan. Imlie continues to contact donors.

Nila tells Narmada that Imlie first puts Aryan into trouble and then saves him and says if Imlie had not insisted to work and taken Aryan along to get the report, Aryan would have been safe. She says Imlie first used her first husband to shift from her village to the city and then became a journalist, then she dumped her first husband and trapped Aryan and earned more money and fame via him;

Imlie already misused 2 husband and will not hesitate to find a third one for her benefit; Imlie values her dreams more than anyone else and will sacrifice Aryan for her dreams like she earlier did, Narmada will lose her son and will suffer in all this. She says it would be difficult for Aryan’s survival until Imlie in his life and asks Narmada to get alert before its too late; asks when Imlie couldn’t respect her first marriage, how will she respect her second marriage.

Imlie tells the receptionist that she can pay anything for the blood. She prays Seeta Maiya to save her ABP/Aryan. She visits blood bank and forcefully enters storage room physically abusing a staff. Madhav calls her and says he relayed news on the news channel and found a person who has B negative blood.

Imlie asks him to find out that person soon. She comes out of storage room and apologizes staff for her misbehavior. Once she leaves, peon takes out blood from the hideout and thanks god that the girl couldn’t notice the blood. Imlie then returns to hospital and heads towards Aryan’s ICU room. Nila provokes Narmada to keep Imlie away from Aryan. Arpita asks Narmada not to fall for Nila’s provoking and let Imlie meet Aryan as she is worried for him and was wandering around searching for blood.

Madhav waits for Imlie at hospital reception to take her in search of a donor. Jyoti notices him and asks if he the one who wanted to meet Imlie before. He says yes. She asks if he has important work with Imlie again. He says yes. She says he should meet Imlie then and thinks once everyone notices Imlie with him, they will think nothing is more important to Imlie than her work.

A nurse notices Imle in Aryans’ ICU room and says she cannot come there just like that. Imlie shouts at her and then emotionally speaks to Aryhan holding his hand and seeks his permission to out for 1-2 hours for important work. He holds her hand tight. She thinks he permitted her and walks out promising to return soon.

Narmada asks her here is she going leaving Aryan in critical condition. Imlie thinks she cannt reveal her where she is going as its risky and lies that she is going on an important work and will be back in 1-2 hours. Madhav walks to her and takes her away. Nila asks Narmada if she still thinks Imlie cares for Aryan as her work is more important to her than Aryan.

Imlie with Madhav meets the donor and drives him towards hospital when she faces a traffic jam and pleads vehicle owners to pave a way for her. Motorist says even they are eager to reach home. She gets back into car. Madhav asks how will they reach Aryan now. Donor suggests to go by walk.

Imlie says she needs to reach Aryan at any cost as Aryan is a good son, brother, boss, etc. Donor asks what is he to her. She recalls Aryan’s support for her and asks him to fasten his belt as she reach hospital on time at any cost.


Imlie 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie reaches hospital with donor. Nurse informs that blood is found and shows Jyoti giving blood to the doctor. Narmada gives Imlie a tight slap.

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Telecast Date:12th May 2022
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