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Imlie 12th July 2022 Malini enters Rathore House. Imlie is shocked to see her and recalls their challenge for each other. Malini thinks she will break Imlie’s ties from this house. She says Gudiya is her daughter.

Neela asks Narmada who is this woman. Narmada says she is Malini, Imlie’s stepsister and Aditya’s ex-wife. Malini asks Imlie snatching her rights for whole life is not enough that she snatched even her baby.

Neela says Imlie is attached to Gudiya as she is her blood relative. Malini asks Imlie after snatching Aditya, she is trying to snatch his memories and still behind her happiness. Imlie says she didn’t know that gudiya is Malini’s daughter and emotionally says that she’s gudiya’s aunt then. Malini says she isn’t and asks why did she steal her daughter.

Aryan says Imlie rescued baby from the child traffickers instead and questions Malini where was she when they found baby alone in the middle of the road. Malini says how would he understand what a mother must be going through whose baby is missing.

She says she doesn’t know what sin she made that whoever she loves goes away from her. Aryan says he knows her sins and asks how to believe that she didn’t abandon the baby.

Malini says she doesn’t have to prove him anything, shows baby’s missing ad newspaper cutout and says she didn’t sleep since her baby went missing, but didn’t know that she would find her baby with a woman whose face she doesn’t like to see. She takes baby from Imle. Baby holds Imlie’s hand. Malini frees it and carries baby away and thinks this is just a beginning as Imlie has to shed a lot more tears.

Aryan consoles crying Imlie. Imlie says she had a feeling that the baby is dear one and today found out that the baby is her family, she would have held the baby if she had not had a feud with Malini, she cannot stay without the baby. Aryan say he will find a way to bring the baby to her, asks her not to take much stress, and goes to bring water for her.

Imlie checks the newspaper cutout and realizes the paper and ink are not used in newspaper. She reaches Anu’s house and greets her. Anu mocks her that she hasn’t learnt to speak even after becoming rich. Imlie taunts back that she couldn’t learn manners even after being rich and asks her to call Malini.

Anu warns her to get out of her house. Imlie reminds her that its her father’s house and Malini is her stepsister and hence Anu cannot stop her. She hears baby crying and goes to pick her up.

Neela with Preeta walks to Narmada and tries to brainwash Narmada that Imlie is mad behind the Malini’s baby as she is Malini and Aditya’s baby and she would abandon her own baby in her tryst to grab Aditya’ baby. Preeta backs her and gives her explanation.

Imlie walks to baby and is about to pick the baby when Malini warns her to dare not touch her baby. Imlie shows newspaper cutout and says its fake. Malini calls nanny to handle the baby. Nanny says baby wants mother’s care and asks her to feed the baby herself. Malini orders her to get out. Imlie takes milk bottle and feeding milk to baby tells Malini that she should love at least her baby.

Malini says she hates the baby as it reminds her of Imlie and Aditya’s betrayal, Aditya abandoned her and is missing because of Imlie, she can never love the baby which ruined her life, etc.

Imlie gives moral gyaan on motherhood and tries to take baby with her. Malini snatches baby from her. Anu walks in and taunts Imlie that she wants to take care of her own and sister’s baby, she may have 3-4 more marriages and can handle even those babies.

Imlie shouts she will not tolerate her nonsense. Anu says she will not tolerate her and orders guards to kick her out of the house. Guards throw her out while she shouts at Malini that she is not doing right wither baby. Aryan reaches there. Imlie hugs him and says Malini hasn’t changed. Aryan says even she hasn’t changed.


Imlie 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie notices Malini calling an ambulance and handing over baby to the wardboy. Aryan says he will teach Malini a lesson. Imlie says she will change gudiya’s future.

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Telecast Date:12th July 2022
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