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Imlie 12th January 2021 Imlie rushes to lodge to stop Mith, Satyakam, villagers meet Aditya. Satyakam knocks door addressing Adi as jamai babu/son-in-law asks to open the door as they all have come to meet him. Imlie tries to stop him saying Adi must be busy at work. Adi opens door. Mithi greets and says sorry for bringing Imlie for paghphera ritual. Imlie says its thank you. Satyakam says they came to say sorry for troubling him last time and there is a saying in Pagdandiya that there is a mango on tree and Satyakam on ground, but today he feels there is a mango on tree and Adi on ground; usually villagers forgive city people’s mistake, but today he should forgive villagers’ mistake. He continues requesting Adi to forgive them. Adi asks not to plead so much. Mithi requests him to come home for paghphera ritual. Adi says he has a lot of work. All villagers plead to accept their request. Adi agrees. Satyakam asks villagers to get Adi’s bags. Adi says let the bags be here as he will return back to lodge. Sarpanch says once he coems home, they will convince him to stay at home.

Tripathi family discuss about Malini performing kitchen ritual. Rupal says they know that Malini is a good cook, but she has to perform this ritual. Nidhi says they don’t want new bride to work, so she will prepare kheer and Malini can just help her. Malini agrees. Landline rings. Taiji picks call and gets emotional speaking to her son Nishant. Tauji joins her, but Nishant disconnects call. Family consoles Taiji. Nidhi informs Malini that Nishant is her younger brother-in-law who went to US 10 years ago and never returned since then, he rarely calls family; wole family and Dhruv is angry on him, but Tauji and Taiji love him a lot. Malini says Adi had informed her about Nishant long ago. Dhruv says how could he tell more about Nishant who disowned his family, don’t know when will he return to meet parents. Aparna says if he doesn’t come, they will go to him and bring him home. Malini asks Taiji to help her perform ritual. Taiji says she is not feeling well. Malini convinces her with a long emotional speech. Taiji says Dev should have called her professor since childhood as she is a born professor and accompanies her to kitchen. Malini hugs her emotionally.

Villagers take Adi to Mithi’s house with great respect. Mithi excitedly makes him sit on cot, asks sarpanch to bring soft bed from his house and her friend to bring sweet water. Dulari walks in and says even she wants to meet jamai babu and says they should thank her for getting Imlie married to Adi. Satyakam says she should thank Adi that he didn’t complain against her for troubling him. Dulari walks away yelling. Satyakam says they will celebrate Imlie’s paghphera ritual lavishly and will send her off properly this time. Imlie says Adi will go early as he has work to finish and she will stay back to spend time with her mother. Mithi emotionally says she will perform proper farewell this time. Satyakam and all villagers get busy serving Adi, addressing him as jamai babu. Adi asks them not to call him jamai babu. Satyakam says all villagers like to respect their jamai babu and address him by relationship and not name. All villagers back him. Dulari says even she will call him jamai babu. Mithi asks villagers to get ingredients for ritual. Imlie says her rituals are complete in her sasural. Mithi says even then they will perform rituals here and asks villagers again to bring items for rituals.

Malini with Taiji walks to kitchen. Family praises that Malini’s magic worked even on Taiji. They start ritual. Anu with Dev enters home fuming. Sundar greets them. She shouts shut up and asks where is Malini. He says in the kitchen. Aparna teaches Malini ritual and asks her to lift cooker whistle, she does and steam hits Nidhi’s hand. Family worriedly asks Malini to be careful. Anu enters and shouts Malini. Malini walks to her and asks when did she come. She says that doesn’t matter, why is she in kitchen and creates drama. Malini says she is performing ritual and even if she doesn’t, she can cook for her family, so Anu shouldn’t worry. Dev backs her and calms down Anu. Back in village, Adi tells Imlie that he doesn’t want to perform any ritual as it reminds him of the disaster of his life last time. Mithi stops seeing them together. Her friend says she told that Imlie is very happy with Adi. Imlie says he should act like she acts at his house and perform rituals.


Imlie 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :During rewedding, Mithi asks Imlie to give her chunri and mangalsutra. Adi says she left it at his house and its not necessary to carry them everywhere.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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