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Imlie 11th January 2021 Imlie with Aditya reaches Pagdandiya and tells him that she is going home. He says even he is going to his lodge and gives her money envelope. She asks how much. He says 50,000 rs and asks not to worry as he will continue sending money. She says he made only half calculation, but she will do it; she says 10,000 rs for staying in his house, 20,000 rs for food, 2000 for breaking things, 10000 rs for making mistakes and troubling him, and 8000 rs as Badke kaka/Tauji’s tuition fees, so calculation is complete. Adi says whatever his family did is considering her as dear one, but she is evaluating it with money. Imlie says she learnt from him, even she did all that thinking his family as hers; Malini’s mother called her a maid and she never felt bad, but he made her feel that today; she can tolerate his 50000 taunts but not 50000 rs. He says he is overstretching the issue, he had promised to take care of her and her mother and fund her studies, this 50000 rs is her right. She returns his money saying when a man is not hers, what will she do with his money. Tere naam…song, plays in the background while they both walk away in opposite direction.

Mithi falls severely ill with high fever and murmurs Imlie’s name. Neighbor applies cold cloth on her forehead. Satyakam says she drenched in rain even after his warning. Mithi continues calling Imlie. Dulari yells at her to get up and work. Mithi senses Imlie coming and stands up with great difficult. Imlie runs towards home in SRK style. Kabhie Khushie Kabhie Gham… music plays in the background. Imlie reminisces time spent with Mithi. Mithi opens door in Jaya Bachan’s style and emotionally looks at Imlie. Imlie runs in SRK style and hugs her emotionally. Song continues playing in the background. Dulari gets angry thinking she came back to trouble her again. Imlie tells Satyakam that she told him that her daughter doesn’t hate her. He says only a motherhood can understand it. Adi meets his correspondent in lodge who asks if Imlie is staying with him as fake wife. Adi warns him to mind his business.

Malini is busy chatting with Aparna, Nidhi, Rupal and Taiji when Adi calls her. Everyone taunt her. Malini picks call and asks if he reached Pagdandiya. He says yes. Aparna asks where is Imlie. Rupali jokes that Sundar is missing Imlie. Sundar says he doesn’t have such a bad time to remember Imlie. Adi says why should he bother about Imlie, he came here for job. Malini goes aside and asks what happened, how was his journey. He says it was very difficult, but he completed it. Malini senses something is wrong.

Imlie asks Mithi rest, but Mithi introduces Imlie to villagers. They all rejoice seeing her. Dulari yells at Imlie asking why did she return when she insulted her mother and Dadda in city. Mithi says she will not understand mother and daughter’s love. Neighbor asks if she came with Adi or alone. Imlie thinks amma is ill and she shouldn’t stress her more, says Adi came with her and is staying in a lodge. Adi in a lodge reminiscing his marriage with Imlie thinks a bad dream is less frightening than that and hopes Imlie’s chapter in his life ends here itself. Satyakam asks Imlie why Adi is staying in lodge, they should go and bring him here. Mithi also insists, but Imlie stops them and shows Adi’s family’s gifts for Mithi and Dulari. Dulari yells its their duty. Satyakam says as if she sends them money every month. Dulari hopes its something good. Mithi tells Satyakam that they should go and apologize Adi and bring him home. Sarpanch says even he is feeling guilty for troubling Adi and will bring him back after apologizing him. Mithi says he is right and they all walk towards lodge. Dulari continues fuming seeing that.

Adi thinks once he returns home, he will live happily with Malini. Satyakam with Mithi and villagers walks towards lodge and says Aditya is a man of principles and hopes he forgives them for their mistakes and walks home with them. Imlie walks out of washroom and not finding everyone asks Dulari about them. Dulari says they went to Adi to bring him home. She gets tensed and runs towards lodge. They reach lodge and asking Adi’s room location walk towards it. Adi calls his mother when Satyakam knocks door and addressing him as jamai babu asks to open door. Imlie reaches there.


Imlie 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie requests villagers not to trouble Adi as he is busy working. Adi opens door and stands fuming seeing Imlie and villagers.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
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