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Imlie 10th November 2022 Imlie informs Athrva that years ago his parents had adopted an orphanage and after their death, Arpita was taking care of it and now she takes care of it and celebrates her mother’s birthday at an orphanage. Atharva says that is a very good idea.

Imlie says even her mother would have said same, but in Hindi. Rupali tells Arpita that Atharva looks always serious and feels hesitant. Arpita says she has a solution for his hesitation. Imlie tells Atharva that its her mother’s room and she feels her mother’s presence and memories here.

She says her mother was determined to do something big, she fears she can’t do justice to her mother’s name and hopes her name was something else, its not easy to be Imlie. Atharva says that is why she is Imlie as anyone can do easy task, but only special people do though task; he feels his mom would have been proud of her.

Chini gets jealous hearing their conversation hiding and thinks of gaining Atharva’s attention. Arpita switches off Imlie’s room light. Imlie says maybe fuse broke down, she will go and check. Atharva follows her. She walks into bathroom to get a candle. Atharva switches on shower by mistake.

They both get drenched in shower and stand lost in each other’s eyes. Hum Tum.. song plays in the background. Chini gets jealous when they don’t open a door and tries to enter room. Arpita takes her from there. Imlie gets into her senses and offers towel to Atharva. Atharva walks away nervously. Imlie smiles shyingly.

After some time, Imlie checks party arrangements and offers medicine to Chini. Chini hesitates seeing Atharva. Imlie insists her to have it and asks how is she feeling now. Chini says if she is so concerned, why didn’t she visit her last night.

Imlie says she had, but Chini was sound asleep. Orphanage kids walk in. Imlie goes to attend them. Atharva walks towards Chini. Chini yells at him to go to his wife. Atharva says he will. She gets angry. He says he needs to help Imlie in this function and tonight he will reveal truth to Imlie and then he will be only Chini’s.

At Rana house, Keya asks servant not to prepare food for Atharva as Imlie has stopped Atharva in her mother’s house and may not send him back. She complains Devika that she had to return home after her paghphera ritual, but Imlie stayed back with Atharva. Divya starts badmouthing about Imlie as usual. Devika warns her to stop badmouthing about Imlie and says Imlie stayed back to celebrate her mother’s birthday and asks if they wouldn’t like their daughters to spend some time with them after marriage.

Imlie enacts as a clown to entertain kids. They ask about Atharva. Rupali says he is Imlie’s Imla. Imlie fixes a ring in Atharva’s finger explaining how a life partner support each other. A kid ask some help from Chini. Chini angrily shouts at her to leave her hand. Imlie notices that and asks what happened.

Chini says kid would catch cold, so she is avoiding kid. Imlie plays music and dances with kids. Atharva enjoys their dance. Jealous Chini asks him if he doesn’t want to reveal truth to Imlie now. Atharva says no as he doesn’t want to spoil Imlie’s mother’s birthday party today. Chini angrily spoils music player. Imlie checks it and says they may have to play antakshari. Kids refuse.

Imlie stands crying looking at her mother’s photo. Atharva notices that and plays music as a DJ. Kids enjoy again. A kid Golu misses his mother. Imlie cheers her up saying his mother’s blessings are always with him. Kid says he feels happy with her, does she also feel happy with someone. Imlie says yes and points at Atharva. Atharva thinks Imlie has become a puzzle of his life, but he feels happy whenever he looks at her.


Imlie 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jatin threatens Chini to reveal her truth to Atharva. Chini says Atharva left Imlie and wouldn’t take her back to Rana house again. Atharva lifts Imlie and carries her home.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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