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Imlie 10th April 2021 Nishant brings pizza for family. Family gets excited seeing pizza. Imlie walks away sadly. Sundar tries to pick pizza. Pankaj stops him and reminds him about his fasting. Sundar says it was in the morning and he broke it. Malini asks where did Imlie go. Aparna says she must have taken kadhi chawal to her room. Malini says she will take pizza for her.
Imlie eats kadhi chawal thinking Adi made it for her. Malini walks in and asks not to eat spicy kadhi chawal. Imlie says she likes spicy food and finishes it. Malini thinks why Imlie wants to have a food which nobody wants to, gives her pizza and leaves. Imlie drinks water unable to bear spiciness and thinks she cleared her test like Seeta maiya. Adi offers her honey and feeds it. She says she wanted to have food which he made with Tauji and Pankaj. Adi says her health wants to spoil her health with it as its full of chillies. She says her amma taught her to value emotions and asks him to go as she needs to sleep. He says she has exam result in the morning and munches pizza. She wishes him good night. He replies and leaves.

Next morning, Adi wakes up to check Imlie’s results. Malini asks why did he wake up so early. He says he is checking Imlie’s results and looks tensed. Malini asks if results are not good, if Imlie failed. Imlie prays god that she didn’t sleep whole night waiting for results; she wants to fulfill her amma and dadda’s dreams after passing exam and if she fails, their trust on her will vanish, so god should pass her.

In Pagdandiya, Satyakam asks Prakash if he brought sweets to celebrate Imlie’s results. Dulari asks what if Imlie fails. Satyakam says Imlie doesn’t need any result as she is the best. Mithi walks in and says Imlie will make her dadda proud. Satyakam says he doesn’t mind if Imlie calls her dadda or baba, he always considered her as daughter and will be happy for her always. She says even she will accompany him to meet Imlie. He agrees. Dulari thinks she doesn’t mind if Imlie passes or fails, she just needs sweets.

Imlie opens door hearing door bell. Dev walks in and nervously asks about her results, he came here as Malini told she would feel good, etc. They walk in and see family standing nervously around Adi and asking him to reveal Imlie’s result. Adi stands sadly. Nidhi tells Imlie its okay if she didn’t clear this time. Imlie cries. Malini asks Adi to stop acting and informs that she got 97.8% marks and came 2nd in whole state. Family rejoices and congratulates Imlie. Nishant says they will enjoy real party now. Dev cries emotionally. Malini consoles him. Imlie asks if he is feel bad for her as she doesn’t have her father’s name with her, she has her amma, dadda, and others who care for her a lot and he shouldn’t feel bad, etc. Everyone laugh hearing that.

In kitchen, Sundar prepares jalebis while Aparna, Rupal, and Nidhi help him. Imlie taunts and yells at him as usual. Rupal jokes that Imlie is famous now after coming 2nd in whole state, etc. Imlie reacts. Sundar asks Imlie to get sugar for him and walking with her gifts her pen with a long emotional speech that he told her that they both are servants of this house, but her story starts where his story ends, she should succeed in life, etc. Imlie thinks everyone are happy with her results and doing something for her, but Adi didn’t even congratulate her; she would have felt good if he had just told that she did good.

Adi signals Imlie to follow him. Rupal asks Imlie to show her jalebi preparing skills. She prepares jalebis and in lieu of picking something silently leaves kitchen, hides seeing Tauji getting out of his room, and reaches Adi with great difficulty. Adi applies sindhoor in her hairline.


Imlie 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini finds sidhoor in Imlie’s hairline and quesgtions about it. Aparna and Taiji join her.

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Telecast Date:10th April 2021
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