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Harphool Mohini 9th November 2022 Mohini says I won’t leave her alone. you can leave me again. Harphoul says why do you repeat it? I made a mistake. I will never repeat that. The girl says you both always fight. Harphoul says we are elders, we are talking. The girl asks who is he. Mohini says Harphoul.

She says he never laughs. I will call him Gobi flower from now. Mohini says even if you don’t support me I won’t leave her alone here. Harphoul says Mohini. She takes the girl to the bus. Harphoul stands confused. Harphoul says I won’t repeat by mistake. He runs after the bus. The girl says he’s coming.

Harphoul gets on the bus. He says I promised to always support you. I will take her home. The girl says Mohini sees a flower but not like Gobi’s flower. She says I love milk. Harphoul is scared of her. Mohini gives her bubbles. She plays with them. Harphoul sees her in all the bubbles. He’s confused.

Mohini asks him to pay for the bubbles. She says Gobi flower look outside. He says don’t call me that. Mohini says don’t talk to her like that. She says in her heart I wish I could tell you who she is.

Mohini and Harphoul get off the bus. Devi disappears. Mohini looks around for her. Devi drinks a lot of milk at the milk shop. Mohini asks are you okay? The shopkeeper says to pay for it. She says Harphoul will pay. He says she drank 10 glasses of milk. Harphoul is shocked. He says she isn’t normal Mohini.

Scene 2
Balwant and her men surround the house. He says I will detain Mohini and Harphoul right when they come here. No one can save them today. Devi says Harphoul pick me. He picks her on his back. She says you are so tall. Harphoul recalls how she was born. He sits down.

Harphoul says the entire village is against Mohini now. My dad must be proud of me. He recalls the woman saying you will be cursed by Devi. Devi will come herself to punish you. Devi enters the village. Balwant gets a current from his dad’s picture, it falls down. Devi says is this our village? She looks around. People gather around Mohini and Harphoul. They are confused. Devi says people here are so pretty.

Bali comes there. Ragni says where did her belly go? Did she give birth? She’s a demon. People say hat magic did you do now? And who is this child? Mohini says enough. Listen to me. First I was never pregnant. I had a tumor, I got treated. I am fine now. Ragni says don’t do this drama. She says I have no black powers. Ragni says she can’t fool us. Harphoul says shut up all. Now I will tell what the truth is. What black power are you all talking about? She had a disease. Can’t you get it? Ragni says he’s lying.

Devi says they’re saying the truth. Ragni says to call Balwant. Devi says kids don’t lie. I was in the hospital where Mohini was operated on. Devi says to look into my eyes you all. She puts that story in everyone’s minds. Harphoul says what did she doo? Ragni says Mohini was sick but she’s fine now. I saw it myself.


Harphool Mohini 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :A baba says someone will come and destroy your life Balwant. His house is one fire. Devi walks in.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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