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Harphool Mohini 5th July 2022 Mai says to Mohini you can vidoe call your parents whenever you miss them. Shalini says she will keep crying? Maai says you cried for 2 months. We should understand other people’s pain too.

Harphoul thinks how to cheer kulfi. He says who wants kulfi. Mohini doesn’t respond. Maai asks will you take kulfi? She says I can’t eat cold, I get a cough. Mohini falls on Harphoul. The kulfi falls. Mohini sits outside and writes in her diary.

She says I felt like I can’t stop crying but when amma looks at me and smiles, I feel like my dad is with me. Life is a name of compromise. This is my family. I won’t let any danger come to them. Harphoul picks her. He says why were you sitting at the door? You’re so lean. You will fly. She says birds know how to fly.

The next morning, everyone gets tea. Mohini says coffee.. The vendor says don’t have coffee. Maai asks Harphoul to get her coffee from the train station. He says my tea will get cold. Maai says you’ve to get it. Harphoul goes to get coffee.

The train starts. Mohini comes to the door. She gives Harphoul hand but takes coffee from him. Harphoul gets in from the other door. Harphoul comes and says she came and took coffee only. Mohini says I am like a bird he said. He said I am so led. Maai says don’t say that to her ever again.

Harphoul gets tea. Mohini doesn’t like him slurping. Mohini says thanks for the coffee. Banwari says to Harphoul you touched her feet now she doesn’t respect you. Harphoul says I will take revenge for it. He sees Mohini read the newspaper. He says she’s showing off to me. Mai says she can read English. You can ask Mohini what’s written on the paper.

Mohini picks her paper. Harphoul puts his foot in front and she touches it by mistake. Harphoul says revenge taken.

Mohini says to Maai I want to talk to you. She shows that letter to Maai. She tells her everything. Harphoul says you rejected me? She says that’s not important. It’s not important. He takes the letter but can’t read.

Mohini says let me read. Santoh reads it. Maai asks Banwari asks to leave. Santoh says this letter says Harphoul is a goon and he doesn’t respect women. Mohini says we’ve to find out who sent this? Harphoul says I know who did it.

Maai says we don’t have any proof. Maai asks why did you marry him then? Mohini says my heart said he’s not a bad person. Maai says you have a heart of gold. Don’t think about it. Maai says I will tell her everything once we’re home. Harphoul says I won’t leave Balwant. Maai says you won’t do anything. You’ve to be there for Mohini.

Scene 2
Balwant’s man tells him Harphoul is married and is coming back. Balwant breaks the glass in anger. He says it will be fun having that girl as my enemy. Haprhoul thinks about Mohini saying he’s not a bad person. A woman asks Harphoul to hold her child. Harphoul says I don’t get that girl at all. He looks at Mohini. Harphoul thinks about his moments with Mohini.

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Telecast Date:5th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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