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Harphool Mohini 4th July 2022 Shyamala says this ritual is important and the wedding doesn’t complete without him. Vijayan says you only have to hold her foot for a minute there’s nothing to mind.

He says men in our village don’t touch women’s feet. Vijayan says this is a ritual. I request. He says I can’t do this. Mohini says don’t do the drama and touch my foot. He says I won’t touch it. She says it’s our ritual.

He says I better stay single then. Mohini screams oh I got a sprain. Harphoul holds her foot and says are you okay? What happened? Everyone claps. Harphoul says she’s so clever. Everyone laughs. Shyamla and Maai hug each other.

Harphoul says I will take revenge. She says you will have to touch my feet every time if you keep your ego. Haprhoul’s shoes are missing. Beli and Savi have them. They hid it. Haprhoul says why do you have my shoes?

Savi says give us 5k. He gives her 500. She says no. Beli says don’t be a miser. We won’t take less than 5k. He says these shoes are cheaper than 5k, you can keep them. They all start demanding 5k. Maai says it’s their right. She gives them 1100. Maai says can we take our DIL home?

Scene 2
Balwant is angry. He lays on Harphoul’s land and says I will make it mine. You can’t take it from me. I will make a highway on it.Mohini sees her room and cries. She looks at her photos with her sisters. Vijayan says won’t you keep coming here? She says it’s not close. This tradition is very wrong that daughters have to leave.

He says I love you a lot. He gives her a box. She opens it, it has keys. Mohini says why? He says this is your home. You should have keys, so you don’t need anyone’s permission to come back here. Mohini hugs him.

He says all girls should take keys to their home so they remember this house will always be their home. He says what if that letter is true? Mohini says I think they have an enemy but they should tell me. I am their family. He says you always put family first but don’t lose yourself. You’re very important to me.

Shyamala says let’s go. It’s train time. Vijaya picks up her bags. Mohini leaves the house. She recalls her memories in the house. Everyone cries. Mohini hugs her sisters. Savi says I don’t want you to go. Mohini says you’re the monitor of this house. Maai says the bride throws rice in our tradition and her mom picks it.

Harphoul tries to cheer up Savi and says you don’t look pretty when you cry. Mohini throws rice. She hugs Vijayan and cries. Mohini sits in the car and cries. Harphoul gives her a napkin. Maai says I hope they always live happily together.

Scene 3
Balwant does havan to ruin Mohini and Harphoul’s relationship. Balwant hits his son and says you’re so useless. I don’t need anyone. Mohini and Harphoul have to face me.
Mohini is at the train station.

Vijayan says don’t eat anything cold. Mohini says I will take care of myself. She says never miss your medicine. He gives her a diary and says never to feel alone. Write whatever you feel in this diary and I will know it.

Mohini hugs him. Savi says statue. He says to Haprhoul will you make my sister cry like this? She wipes Mohini’s tears. Mohini hugs Savi. Saroj says one week went so fast. Maai gives her shagun.

Saroj says you’re taking the best nurse of this village with you. She’s leaving everything behind her Harphoul. She has her dreams only. Never shatter them, promise me you will take care of her. Harphoul says promise. Vijayan says take care of my Mohini if anything happens to her. Harphoul says I am with her.

Harphoul holds Mohini’s hand and they go to the train. Mohini cries. Vijayan cries too. Harphoul goes out. His friend asks what happened? He says she keeps crying. I don’t like it when girls cry in front of me. His friend says wow you’ve already started caring for her. He says I feel weird. I don’t know how to make her smile. His friend says to do something that makes her laugh.

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