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Harphool Mohini 3rd August 2022 Mai says you won’t go. Mohini says we are Harbeer’s kids. We are strong and not scared of Balwant. Mai teaches her how to hold the pot. Balwant selects new shoes. He hits Rajinder with it and says it works I think. He says Mohini and her family will scream like this. I can’t wait to hear them cry.

Mohini comes to the lake. Divyani is there with the women. The women taunt Mohini but she ignores them. A girl shoves Mohini into the lake. She falls. Harpoul’s friend says what will we do? Harphoul says we will make our potatoes that are in the freezer. He sees men throwing out his potatoes from the village’s freezers.

Harphoul tries to pick them. He says they are from our land. They drive and crush them with a truck. Mohini is drowning. Harphoul tries to save the potatoes. A truck comes near him. Harphoul’s friend saves him. The pregnant girl saves Mohini. Mohini thanks her. Divyani says Ragni see she swam in the lake.

Ragni shoves the pregnant lady too. Mohini holds her. She says have some shame. She is pregnant. Shame on you. This is your second mistake. Mohini checks the pregnant girl. She says your BP is high. She says you know more than doctors here. She says will you be with me during delivery? Mohini says yes I will be there. She fills water for her.

A woman says to Mohini you’re all wet. Come let me help you. Ragni shoves her and says you really feel sympathy for her? Divyani says my tao Ji can kick anyone out of panchayat. Sundar is in panchayat too right?

Mohini says to the girl I am fine. Divyani makes Mohini fall with a rope. Her pot breaks. Divyani says you different mindset flushed with the water. Divyani stops on her hand. Mohini says you can beak my pot, not my spirit. She fetches water in the broken piece.

Scene 2
Mai cleans Harphoul’s face. She says don’t worry. We will see all these people. Our land will give more potatoes. Mohini comes in. She says Mai I got water. They look at her condition. Harphoul asks what happened to her.

Mohini says are you okay? He takes water from her and they put it in a pot. Mai says both of you wear clean clothes. Shalini says let me take this inside. She drops the pot and says oh sorry.

Balwant eats the maalpoora and says it’s so good. Shradha says you have diabetes. Divyani says who doesn’t eat sweets on a good day? He will celebrate. Balwant says right. He gives her money and says you didn’t even let them get water. Shalini says I am sorry. Harphoul says are you crazy? She got it after so much trouble. Mohini cries. Mai says we can see all this. Shalini says we are all in this trouble because of me.

Santoh comes. Shalini says they think I am at fault all the time. Mai cries and says sorry Harbeer. There will be no food this time. Mohini brings Gangajal she brought from Kerala. Mohini says I will get everyone out of it. Shalini says how will you make the halwa we made every year?

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Telecast Date:3rd August 2022
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