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Harphool Mohini 29th July 2022 Mohini collides with Harphoul. He’s angry. Mohini says to Harphoul you had so many medals, you kept them hidden. I hung them here. Harphoul is shocked. He says who did it? She says me.

She says I got them polished too. Abhi helped me with him. Haprhoul feels bad he thought bad of her. She says Abhi told me how you defeated Balwant, you’re smart too. She says you can say thank you. He says I am smart. She said I take my compliment back. He says I don’t want your commitment.

She says commitment means being someone forever. You also committed to someone. He says to my land? She says I will also go to land. He says to learn to cook first. She says girls can do a lot more than cooking. Mohini says I will learn to cook. He says you only know how to cook rice only. She says most educated people are in Kerala and they all eat rice. Mai asks Haprhoul to be quiet.

Harphoul says to Shalini to stop trying to create problems. You thought wrong, she’s not like you. Shalini says keep being an idiot. All men come to Balwant’s house. Mohini says to Mai I will adjust here but it will take time.

Mai says I am always there to help you. Take your time, it’s different from your time. Mohini says I will learn. Mai says I know. She says to Mohini let me teach you how to make lassi. She asks her to give one glass to Harphoul. She says I am not talking to him. Mai says to try to resolve things quickly.

Scene 2
Balwant says to the men there’s such a big thing that happened in our village. Mohini gives Harphoul lassi. He drinks it. Mohini drinks with him. He laughs at her for having a mustache from milk. She also laughs at him. They clean each other’s faces. Harphoul’s friend calls him and tells him all men have gathered at Balwant’s village.

Harphoul says how can he call Sarpanj at his place? Mohini asks Mai why is Shalini always angry. Mai says I don’t know what she thinks. She is bitter but she became like this when Santoh got injured. Mohini asks if is Shalini related to Balwant. She says yes. He is Shalini’s aunt’s husband, her Mausa. Mohini recalls Mausa’s call on her phone.

Harphoul and Santoh come in. Mohini says what happened? Tell me too. He says why do you want to know everything? Mohini recalls how Shalini was getting calls from Balwant. Does Mohini say Shalini tells him everything? Mai says to Harphoul why do you always have to be mad at Mohini?

Your dad was never mad at me. He says I can’t be like my dad, he was great. Mohini says you learn to respect people from him. Mohini is on the terrace. She sees many people coming toward their house. She tells everyone. They start protesting against her Mai. Strong winds blow. They say you have hidden such a big thing from us. Mai asks why. A man says we got to know the truth about your Madrasan DIL. Mai asks what happened. Balwant laughs.


Harphool Mohini 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harphoul says who are you to question my wife? Villagers decide not to provide any food and water to Harphoul’s house till they tell Mohini’s gotra.Mai faints due to hunger.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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