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Harphool Mohini 27th July 2022 Shalini says some Mausa Ji is calling you. Shalini says are you spying on me? Go from here. Mohini says are you okay? Shalini says go from here. Mohini goes to Mai, and her foot hurts. Mohini makes oil for her and massages her leg.

Mai says today I will snore a lot. Mohini says my mom snores a lot too. Mohini says you should sleep. Mohini says I need to prepare for tomorrow. She sees Harphoul sleeping with the cow and snoring. Mohini gives him a blanket and says good night.

Mohini says to use the house toilet, Mai. Harphoul says don’t try to change us. Let Mai go to the fields. Mohini says no. He says now you will tell me what Mai will do? She says I can teach her. He says I am the man of the house.

Mohini says you only know how to break things. Mai will use the toilet. He says don’t argue with me. He says I will break the washroom. Mohini says that’s all you know. He says all women go to fields. Mohini have you seen swelling on her feet? Do you want her to walk all the way? Mai says it’s much better after you applied the oil.

Haprhoul says show me. Mohini says it’s water retention. He says I didn’t ask. Mohini says to use the house toilet. Harphoul says if you need to. Mai says it’s my choice and I will. Mohini holds Harphoul and Mai together. Mohini says I have a surprise. You can use this seat to use the toilet and this handle to get up. Mai is happy.

Scene 2
Balwant calls Shalini. He says will you also use the washroom? She says what to do? He tells her the plan. Mai says you made my life so easy. You are such a blessing. Mohini says you are my family. Mohini sees ants in the washroom. She says this means Mai has diabetes? Shalini says my foot also hurts.

Mai says to use the toilet. Shalini says I won’t. Mohini says you can use it. Shalini says you have to go fetch water. Mohini says I will go there. Mohini brings her first aid kit and says to Mai let me check your sugar. Harphoul says what are you doing? Mohini checks her sugar. Mohini says you are diabetic.

She explains to everyone what it is. Mohini says Mai’s insulin is less. Harphoul says is it dangerous? Mohini says it can be managed. You have made changes in your diet. You can’t eat potato. Shalini says so I will have to cook two dishes now? Mai says Mohini will help you. Shalini says she doesn’t know. Harphoul says she will learn. Mohini says yes I will learn. Shalini says you will cook then.

Scene 3
Balwant talks to Bhai Ji. He says I heard you are getting 10 crores in highway contract. I want 5 crores from it. Balwant says I didn’t get any money yet. Bhai ji says I want it. Divyani comes. Balwant suffocates her and says were you spying on me? She says I only came to ask if you will eat malpura? Balwant says that’s all you women can do. He hits her.

Mohini asks Mai is there coconut? She says we don’t use it in food. Mohini wonders how to light the stove. Harphoul comes. Mai brings rice. Mai says the first dish a DIL cook is a blessing. Mohini starts cooking. She coughs, there’s smoke everywhere. Shalini replaces salt with sugar. Mohini adds it in the food.


Harphool Mohini 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shalini says to Mohini be careful, you made this kheer with so much efforts, don’t ruin things. Mohini says to her don’t worry all will be fine. Shalini gives kheer to Harphoul, he tastes it.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
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