Harphool Mohini 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Harphool Mohini 25th October 2022 Balwant stabs in the ground. He says you made me wash feet of women? Now see how you will die in this grave. I will put my foot on it to show you where women belong, under my feet. Abhi calls Harphoul and tells him Vijayan’s condition isn’t good. Baba Ji comes to Balwant. He says you’re doing a curse.

Her blood is waking up those powers. you can’t do anything in front of those powers. you will die like your dad if you harm this girl. Balwant stabs him. Balwant says bury this Mohini now.

Harphoul sees a video of Mohini walking on the ground injured.. A came and abducted her. Harphoul is shocked. Harphoul says Balwant has done this. Inspector asks where were you at that hour?

He shows footage of Harphoul in the van. Harphoul says that’s not me. This is Balwant’s game. They arrest Harphoul. Harphoul says my wife’s life is in danger. I have to go to Balwant and save her.

Balwant’s men throw Mohini in the grave. Mohini opens their eyes. Balwant says now to see your own death. Mohini throws sand in their eyes and runs. Balwant and his men look for her. Mohini goes inside a door. She hides behind a curtain. Balwant comes there. Mohini hits him and runs.

Scene 2
The inspector says to Harphoul we found out what you did to Mohini. You wanted to leave her so you tried to kill her. Mohini runs. She sees that gate with locks. Mohini finds a hammer and breaks the lock. Mohini goes inside the house. Balwant gets an electric shock from the gate.

Banwari says what will happen now? How did she go in? That Baba died as well. Who will save us now? Balwant laughs and says many women died in this room. Mohini will also die there. She will have a slow death inside. He laughs. Bali tries to lock the gate. They are scared. Mohini tries to look outside. She says why are they so scared of this room?

Mohini looks around. She tries to open the windows but she can’t. Mohini sees something behind the bed. Mohini says looks like no one came to this room for years. She sees pictures of all the women with garlands. Harphoul is in jail. Mohini looks around. She tries to move things. Mohini sits down and cries. Mohini says what should I do? Please save me, God. Mohini says Devi maa, you will save me. The Shivling this the window.


Harphool Mohini 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant says let me also see how Harphoul will save Mohini. Inspector points his gun at Harphoul and shoots him.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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