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Harphool Mohini 22nd September 2022 Harphoul says I got these flyers made for inaguration. He says this should be distributed everywhere. His friends take them. Mai shows it to Mohini. Mohini goes inside. Harphoul says I am sorry. I was wrong. Mohini that won’t do anything. He says I am apologizing.

Mohini says you can’t fix my hurt. He says I am getting flyers distributed eveywhere. Menu and Harphoul’s friends distribute it everywhere. Harphoul says Mai always forgives me. Mohini says I am not your mom. You can’t hurt people like this. He says okay stay angry. Mohini says I will.

Balwant says you both sent me to jail but I will part you both. Banwari comes to the police station. SP says the meeting time is over. GO from here. Banwari says it’s important. Constables kick him out. Mohini hugs her books. She recalls how she used to save lives. Mohini recalls people used to tell her she should be a doctor.

She recalls what Harphoul said. Mohini throws the paper on which she wrote the rules of love. Mai says I know you’re mad but I know you can’t live without eating. Have the food. Mohini hugs her and says you understand me without words.

When will Harphoul learn? Mai says he will change with time. He grew up in this environment. He tried to fix his mistake. Let’s go prepare for the inauguration. I will be so proud. Mohini says it’s a festive day in our village. Mohini tells how they used to celebrate that festival. Harphoul hears it.

Scene 2
Mohini buys medicine. Her sisters call. Mohini wishes them happy olam. They ask what have you done to celebrate? Savi says why didn’t you wear a new dress? She says Harphoul got me a new dress. We will get ready once home. They ask if did Harphoul do anything to celebrate. Mohini says he has decorated the whole house and he has worn our traditional dress for men as well. Mohini is upset.

Mohini comes home. The whole house is decorated in a traditional style. Mohini dances around. Everything is like Kerala. Everyone is wearing clothes from Kerala. Mohini tells Shalini and Mai you both look so good.

Mohini hugs them. Mohini says Mai you did so much for me. She says Harphoul did it all. Mohini says you all look so good. Mai says won’t you ask how Harphoul is looking? Harphoul comes out.

Everyone is happy to see him. He comes downstairs in style. Mohini smiles. Harphoul says won’t you forgive me on your festival? He says I am sorry. Mohini says it’s okay. Abhi says to take our photos and help us find girls from your city too. They all laugh. Mai asks Mohini to get ready. Mohini’s hand touches Harphoul’s. They both smile.

Mohini gets ready. She comes out. Harphoul looks at her and smiles. Harphoul looks at her.


Harphool Mohini 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant is in jail. On call, he says make such a big mess and make sure that Mohini is insulted. Mai blesses Mohini. Mohini says, Mai don’t worry, this dispensary will be very helpful for everyone.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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