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Harphool Mohini 22nd November 2022 Ganga says to the goon you are so sweet and those kids are scared of you. How did you get this bruise? He says go from here. Ganga goes in. Mohini looks around for Devi. Mogambo says how did you come inside? Go from here, I am very dangerous. I’ve been to jail.

She says all people who go to jail aren’t bad. we can still be friends. He says aren’t you scared? Devi says do you like Mata Rani’s bhajan? Should I sing? THe kids are worried about her outside. Haprhoul says Mohini please listen. Mohini says you have fallen in my eyes. He says for that girl? Mohini says he’s very important to me. He says am I not? Mohini says no one is more important than Devi right now. Devi sings the mantra.

Shalini asks Balwant how he gets injured. He says I don’t get it. The girl was there on the road. Banwari says it’s God’s curse. Balwant says I am not scared of the little girl. call the Tantrik. Banwair says you killed him. Balwant says find anohter one. I will kill her. Devi comes out with Mogambo.

Kids are shocked and scared. She says come, don’t be scared of uncle. Divyani says I will find that girl. She says Shalini you’ve to bring the girl to the carnival tomorrow and give her to me. Balwant says I will give you gold bangles. I will send her to all the girls I’ve sent before. Mohini says chacha is my friend now. He’s very nice. His name is Laddu chacha now. He gives the ball to the kids.

And gives them candies too. Kids ask him if he would be their umpire. He smiles. Devi asked him you’re so nice. Why were you in jail? He said I was innocent but sent to jail. People call me a demon. No one talks to me. Devi said come, let’s go to them and show them how you are. Laddu gives them all the balls. The kids call Devi their friend. They ask where she lives. Devi says Nakhroli. They get into a tempo that is going to Nakhroli.

Scene 2
Mohini looks for Devi. Devi is in Nakhroli. The kids ask where is your home? She says I don’t know. The kids say you are our leader. They sprinkle flowers on them. Mohini sees her. She runs and hugs Devi. Mohini asks where did you go? She says I am fine, don’t cry. All kids call Harphoul gobi ka phone.

Harphoul says shut up. Mohini says I was so worried. Where did you go? Devi says Harphoul asked me to stand at the shop and I wandered off looking the market and I got lost. Harphoul wonders how did she know the lie he told Mohini? And why did she save him? Devi smiles at Harphoul.

She says to Harphoul careful, you will fall. He falls. She says I told you. Harphoul says stop it. Mohini gives Devi milk. She apologizes to Harphoul and says I accused you. Mohini says I want you to accept Devi. He says I’ve seen where she came from. She knows magic. It scares me. We will not talk about her from now on, but I am with you in everything. Mohini says this is responsibility, not slavery. Harphoul leaves. Devi says fighting again? I’ve to do something.

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Telecast Date:22nd November 2022
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