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Harphool Mohini 22nd July 2022 The men announce outside Harphoul’s and say they will protest against Mohini demanding Harphoul for a washroom. this has encouraged all women. Harphoul picks his car with one hand and says I wil see how this Balwant even touches my house. Balwant has to face me before toucing my house.

THe throws their speakers. Harphoul hits punching bag in anger. He recalls everything. He recalls people protesting. Mohini says we won our first step. Balwant is trying other ways now. Haprhoul says why don’t you understand he’s a crazy man. He will come to our house. It’s all happening because of me.

Mohini says I am ready to fight. He says this is not your Madras. Mohini says why do you think so negative. He says I can’t let him harm my family. I will brea their legs. Mohini says use your brain instead. He says you think you are the most genius. Mohini prays.

Harphoul and his friends surround outside the house. Mohini says we will make video of our washroom and spread it around the village so people support us. we will make it viral on our phone. Mai says what is all that?

Mohini explains social media to her. Mohini starts recording the video. They sing and explain the benefits of the washroom. They say women don’t need to go to fields. Mai does inaguration of the washroom. Mohini says change your benefit for your women. Santoh also dances with her. Shalini is angry.

Mohini says I am Mohini. We made this washroom for ladies in this village house. Some people don’t like it so they warned to break our washroom and ramp into our house. But we think every house should have toilet. I request you all to save this new hope and our wallet. I trust our people.

Scene 2
Mohini’s video goes viral. Balwant sees it. He says so much drama on one washroom. This Mohini thinks she can make people against me with this video? People will destroy it. Balwant says Harphoul knows he can’t stop me. He must be angry and I will use his anger against him. Mohini sees videos on her video. Mai wonders if they can fight Balwant or not. She says Mohini is my hope. I have no other way.

Scene 3
People starts protesting against the washroom. Some women stand for Mohini. A woman says we will break her washroom. THe other women say they will support Mohini. Shalini says your video didn’t go viral? Now this washroom will break. You will have to clean it. Mai says are you in this family or not?

Harphoul says I will break legs of anyone who comes in.. He stands up but his leg is chained. Harphoul says what is this Mai? Santoh says it’s to keep you safe from your own anger. Mai did it. Mai says you have no control over your anger.

Balwant gets ready and says I will be the minister. Divyani comes. She puts pin on his pocket. Shradha sees her in the room. Balwant says who called you here? You are a curse. He says something to Divyani. Divyani comes out. She stands with the women and says we will all follow that Mohini and get washroom made.

We will become her puppets and she will become our leader. She will ask us to send our daughters to school too. Then she will say girls drink too in city. Women go against Mohini. Harphoul says Mai let me go. Mai says I don’t trust your anger. He says they must be coming. Balwant comes out. Mai says no one will open it. Balwant and men march towards their house.


Harphool Mohini 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balwant comes to the house. Harphoul tries to release himself. The men go inside the house.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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