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Harphool Mohini 21st November 2022 Harphoul brings Devi to the bus stand. Devi says why are we here? We are at the wrong place. He says we are at the right place. Do you like cotton candy? She nods. Harphoul buys it for her and takes her to the bus.

Harphoul takes her to the bus and says sit here I am coming back. She says come back fast. I will think of names for the cows till then. Harphoul gives her money and says keep it, you might need it. Devi says but why. Harphoul leaves. The bus starts. Devi wonders where did he go?

Balwant says where is that Devi? I wanted to meet her. Santok says to stay away from her. The bus breaks down, and Devi gets down. She looks around for Harphoul. The bus leaves. Devi is alone on the road. Mai asks Divyani to check Mohini.

Mohini is scared. Devi marks a line on the sand with wood. The stitches on Mohini’s tummy. Mai says there are so many stitches. You won’t do any work. Mohini can’t see any scars. Mai says are you happy now? Divyani tells Balwant Mohini got the surgery done. Balwant says to take care of the DIL now. He leaves.

Scene 2
Harphoul comes back and looks for the bus. HE asks people if they have seen the girl. Devi walks on the road. Balwant says I want to see who that Devi is. Devi walks on the road towards his car. She stands in middle. Balwant stops his car. He recalls he saw her in his dream. He says I saw her in my dream last night. I will kill her myself. He starts driving towards her.

The car drives through Devi and they all hit their heads and get injured. Devi smiles at them. Balwant says where did that girl go. Banwari says there’s no girl. You’re daydreaming. Devi tries to recall her way back home. She plays cricket with the boys on the road. They don’t let her play. They say girls don’t play cricket. You just clap.

Harphoul comes back home. Mohini asks where is Devi? Harphoul wonders what to tell Mohini. Mohini says you did the same to Devi what you did do to me? Shame on you. The kids throw the ball and a man Mogambo chacha picks it up.

Mohini says I can get the ball from him. He says Mogambo chacha is a very dangerous man. He makes kids cry. Devi goes inside the home. Mohini says do you have a heart? I shouldn’t have sent her with you. I trust you and you left a child alone. She goes out to look for him. Devi knocks on the door. The man is a goon. He opens the gate.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
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