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Harphool Mohini 21st July 2022 Mai does arti. Mohini fixes her washroom door. Harphoul wakes up and says will break the walls. He sees photos on the wall. Haprhoul says you made my room a photo wall… He sees his dad’s photo on the wall. Harphoul says that’s my dad. I’ve only seen his photo,

I don’t know how he spoke, what he was like. Mohini says if he was here he would have asked you to remove this grass from your back, she pats his back. He says go out I need to change. Mohini says to Mai can we go to the market I want some things. Mai says let’s go.

Shalini is with women from the village. Her friend says does she not work? Shalini says she thinks so highly of herself. I won’t let Mai use that washroom nor would I myself. One woman says it’s not a bad thing.

I have asked my husband for one too. Another woman says yes we all should have it. Mohini says they’re all agreeing with her. Mai says to Mohini that SP called Harphoul’s men have left from around the house. It’s a small win. Mohini says we have to do many things. We should have a hospital and school in this village.

You made me very proud by accepting my washroom demand. I want it in every house so women don’t have to go out. Women fight with their husbands for washrooms. Their husbands say they’re scared of Balwant. He won’t like it. Some men in the street taunt Harphoul that his wife rules him.

The men come to Balwant and say women want washrooms in their house. They’re demanding it. Balwinder says only this palace had a washroom. Now Harphoul thinks he can be our equal by making a washroom? Balwant says he can never do that. Balwant says to the men that girl will bow down to me.

Mohini shows the handle to Mai. She says this will support you in sitting and standing. Once this washroom is ready I will show it to all women and show them how simple it makes life. Shalini comes in. Mohini says do you need help? She says don’t do the drama. You don’t do any work. All women are talking about her washroom.

Mai says Mohini is doing right. Shalini says all women are fighting with their husbands for the washroom. They also made a WhatsApp group. Mai says that’s a good thing. Shalini says people think we are trying to compete with Balwant. Mohini says we should be happy. Women are fighting for their rights.

Harphoul says you’re making them fight. Mohini says you always call me wrong. His friend says many people are against you. Mohini says a lot of people will be with me as well. I will handle it.

Scene 2
Bhai Ji comes. All people chant for him. Mohini is confused. He says the love I have for this village is immense. He asks the media to take his photos. Mohini asks Mai who was he? Mai says, minister. Banwari tells Balwant Bhai Ji is here. He asks Shardha to bring his new shoes. She makes him wear his shoes.

He steps on her hand. Balwant asks Divyani to get ready for his arti. Bhai Ji comes to Balwant’s palace. Balwant welcomes him. He makes him wear garland and takes photos with him.

Mohini fixes her door. Harphoul looks at her. She says what’s the problem? He says you. She says I can’t do anything. He says you want to show Mai you care for her more than me. Mohini laughs. She says I want her to have comfort. She will decide on her own. He says that day will never come.

Mohini says you will see. Balwinder asks Divyani to come. Shardha serves tea to Bhai Ji. She does his arti. Bhai Ji says I want to talk to you. Balwant goes to his room with him. Bhai Ji throws a garland at him in anger. Bhai Ji says I won’t give you a ticket. Balwant says did I make a mistake?

He says you’re shooting around the village like crazy? You will get shot before even getting the ticket. Shardha brings tea. Bhai Ji sees bruises on her face. He says to Shardha to explain to him to control his anger or he will lose the ticket. He says I know you hit your wife. People should think you respect women.

He says you won’t have any complaints. Balwant says to get that SP transferred from here. Bhai Ji says it will raise questions for us. I will decide whether I want you in a part meeting or not. Bhai Ji leaves. Balwant is angry. He says I had to get the ticket today. I waited so long but Mohini ruined it and got me insulted.

Balwant says to all men I know Mohini has started a fight in your homes. They say we will help you. Balwant says now you see what we do.


Harphool Mohini 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :People protest outside Harphoul’s house. They bring a bulldoze. Harphoul stands in front of it.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
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