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Harphool Mohini 14th November 2022 Devi says such a big house. She asks Harveer who is he. She says you can call him dad. He’s Harphoul’s dad. She says why doesn’t Harphoul have a mustache like him? Dadu is so nice.

Does he like me? Maai says ye you’re so nice. She says I want milk. Mai says let me get you. Mai asks Harphoul got get milk for her. He says she drinks 10 glasses. Mai says she’s a kid. how will she drink 10 glasses?

Mai asks who did your hair? Devi says Mohini. Harphoul says to Mohini can’t you ever listen to me> She’s a snake. She can harm Mai too. She’s talking to her. Mohini says she’s a kid. What is wrong with you? Mohini says this is my family. Trust me. Devi won’t do anything wrong. Harphoul wonders what’s going on. Mohini says take this milk.

Harphoul gets a current from Devi’s hand. Mai says you have a milk mustache. She says like dadu. Harphoul says why is she calling my dad. Saraswati comes running to Devi. Devi caresses her face. Harphoul is shocked. Mohini smiles. Mai says Saraswati loves her. Mai wonders why is Harphoul so worried.

Shalini says she broke my mixer. Mai says I will get is fixed. Devi gives Saraswati food. Balwant calls Shalini. He asks who is Devi? She says Mohini brought her here. He says Mohini was pregnant and she brought this girl. Shalini says what? He says to keep an eye on this girl. Devi scares Shalini.

Shalini says play hide and seeks with me. Shalini says to stay away from me. Devi laughs at her. Mohini says Devi come, let me show you my room. She says to keep milk there. Mohini says I will.

Mohini looks at the plant she named Muskaan. She says there’s not a single rose on it yet. Is Muskaan still mad at this land? Devi makes flowers grow on it. Mohini says thank you. Shalini saw it. She is scared. Devi asks whose room is it? Mohini says Harphoul and mine. She asks whose medals are there.

Mohini says Harphoul’s. Devi says he always stays angry. Mohini recalls how he left her.. Devi asks Mohini what happened. She says this pillow is like a cloud. Everyone is so nice here. Why are you not smiling? She says smile, everything will be fine. Harphoul comes in. Devi says he will snore here.

Mohini says how do you know? Harphoul says Mohini it’s my room. She won’t stay here. Mohini says if Devi leaves I will leave too. You live in your room alone. He says please. I can’t stop you. I can’t let you be alone with this girl. She is dangerous. Mohini says she’s a child. You won’t understand. Harphoul leaves in anger. Shalini is listening.


Harphool Mohini 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Inspector says that we have a complaint registered against Harphoul and Mohini that they kidnapped a girl. Inspector takes Devi with them. Mohini rushes behind the van to stop them.

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Telecast Date:14th November 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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