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Harphool Mohini 13th July 2022 Mohini runs after Harphoul. She says don’t change the topic. Take off your shirt. He says I wanna sleep. Mohini says you can’t. Balwant’s man points a gun at them. He says if you shoot her you will get a lot of money. Mohini opens the window. Harpoul says mosquitoes will come in.

Shut it down. The shooter shoots. Harphoul takes Mohini to a side. Mohini says what do you want? He says I wanna sleep. Mohini says the window will remain open. He says it’s my house. Mohini cuts his sleeve. She sees the wound. She says this is a bullet wound.

Shalini screams looking at the blood on the kurta. Mai asks Santoh to look at the door. Mohini asks how did this happen? She cleans his wound. She says to stop moving. He says statue. He says I won’t follow your order.

Mohini says a statue needs patience and courage, you don’t have ti. He says I have a lot of patience. Mohini statues him. Harphoul stops moving. Mohini asks how did this happen? He says it’s a small bruise and I am a man.

Mohini says you were scared of the injection. I want to know how did this happen? Shalini asks Balwant about the blood. He says if my bullet couldn’t work you will. She says what will I do to my family? He says if you don’t listen to me I will tell them how you worked for me. You’ve to get Mohini out of the house only.

She says okay. He says God bless you. Mohini says tell me it’s a simple question. He says why are you asking the same question. She says I want to know. He says you are so annoying. I am going to sleep with my Saraswati. Mohini says who? He says Saraswati.

Scene 2
Divyani brings milk to Balwant. She gives Rajinder milk too. She says I went to Balwant first. He says to keep Balwant happy.
Haprhoul’s men guard his house. The snipper still has a gun on Mohini. Mai asks Mohini where are you going? Mohini says I can’t live here. Why didn’t you tell me there’s another girl in Haprhoul’s life. Mai says there is no one.

Mohini says you also lied to me? He said he is going to Saraswati. Mai says sorry I lied to you. Mohini and Saraswati can’t live without each other. No one can come between them. Saraswati is very pretty also.

You will also love her. Mohini says you know her? Mai says come you meet her too. Mai takes her to the shed. Saraswati is the cow. Mai laughs. Mohini says I am sorry. Mai says Harphoul can never do anything. She says go mee Saraswati. Mohini says I am scared of cows. Mai says she will give you a lot of love.

Harphoul says you came here as well? She says you scared me. He says you scared Saraswati. She says you are so annoying.

Mai asks Harphoul to go to the room. Mohini asks how did he get the wound? He says to stop asking the same questions. Mai asks Mohini to rest. Haprhoul says to Mai I will sleep outside so I can guard the gate. Mohini keeps thinking about the bullet wound. She says who could do this?

Scene 3
Mohini wakes up and tries to open the window but it’s locked. She asks Shalini are you okay? Shalini says your washroom isn’t ready. The door isn’t fixed. Mohini says I can fix the door. You give me a hammer. Mohini wonders what are they hiding?

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Telecast Date:13th July 2022
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