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Harphool Mohini 10th November 2022 Bali asks his men to let Mohini’s family go. Mai is shocked. Balwant meets a new baba. Baba says your time is over. People ask Harphoul who’s the girl? Harphoul says she. Mohini says she’s Devi. She was alone in the temple. She is lost, I will find her parents.

Devi asks Harphoul Gobi flower where is my home? People laugh at Harphoul. Baba says to Balwant that power is here. She will end you. Harphoul says this girl is weird. We shouldn’t take her home. Mohini says I know what am I doing. She is coming with us. Mai hugs Harphoul and Mohini. She says thank God you’re both fine. She asks who is she. Mohini says I will explain everything.

Scene 2
Bali tells Balwant Mohini and Harphoul are home. She wasn’t even pregnant. she was sick. Balwant says you agreed? He says that kid told me. Banwari tells Balwant about Devi. He says everyone in the village is supporting them now. Bali says they found her at the temple. Balwant tries to connect the dots.

He says it all happened after she entered the house. That girl has magical powers. Devi walks inBwaltn’s house. Balwant’s house is on fire. Banwari screams. Balwant says I see Devi in the fire. Banwari says that girl’s name is also Devi. Will she kill you? She will kill us all. Balwant says I will rule this village always.

Scene 3
Mai asks who is she. Mohini says her name is Devi. She was alone in the temple and crying. Devi says her cheeks are chubby like mine. Mai laughs. Mohini says this is Shalini and this is Santok. She says I will play with Santok a lot. Shalini says why were we punished for what Mohini did?

Mohini asks Devi to go inside. Devi eats everything in the kitchen. Shalini says we don’t even know what’s next. Devi plays with the grinder. Shalini says we have to take an action. Devi creates a mess in the kitchen. They all rush there.

Mohini asks are you okay? Harphoul says why did you lie to Mai? Devi says Gobi k should I was picking things. Mohini says she is a kid. Mai says she’s a child. Be nice to her. Shalini says she broke my grinder. Mohini brought this girl home. Mohini says don’t say such things. Santok Shalini inside.

Mai says to Harphoul I was so scared. Thank God Mohini is fine. This girl is here as a blessing. We will keep her until we find her parents. She will teach you how to be parent. She asks Harphoul why are you so worried. Mai says to Devi let me show you the house.

Scene 4
Balwant calls inspector and tells them that Mohini and Harphoul have abducted a girl.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
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