Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 9th September 2020  Episode starts with Amma calling Happu and asks for the newspaper. Happu is standing out and takes newspaper from Ranbir. He asks why did you get late. Hritik tells that they have gone far and brought 25 years old newspaper. Amma calls Happu and asks if he has gone to buy it or to print it. Happu brings the newspaper and comes running inside. Amma tells that he is looking manly and asks why is he breathing fast. She says you are just 19 years old and is looking like 50 years old. She looks at his stomach and says it seems a month’s ration is stored here. Rajjo comes there. Amma asks who is she? Happu says Servant. Amma asks when did she keep her? Happu says today. Amma slaps him and tells that she don’t want Servant. Rajjo tells that what she will do with her kids then. Amma asks about her husband. Rajjo tells that her husband is always with his mother. Kids come there and tells that they have food outside dargah etc. The kids ask Amma to hire their mother. Amma agrees to let her work there and asks her to maintain distance with her son. Rajjo says ok. Malaika, Kat and Kamlesh come there and calls Happu. Happu says he will go to college now and takes Amma’s blessings. Rajjo tells Happu that she has a feeling that she became Servant of his Amma. Happu says I am your Servant. Rajjo asks him to massage her feet. Happu massages her feet. Rajjo asks if he has power in his hands or not. Happu says if I used my power, then you will feel pain. Rajjo asks him to massage well. Happu massages her. Rajjo says now she is feeling relieved. Happu says if this is your feet or what. Hritik comes there calling Rajjo. Happu stops massaging her feet. Hritik asks him to continue. He tells that Dadi will get her memory if mummy hits her again. Happu asks if my Amma dies. Hritik says then mummy will be blamed.

Happu asks Hritik to go from there. Hritik leaves. Rajjo asks Happu to continue and massage her. Happu massages her. Rajjo enjoys. Amma reads the newspaper. Beni comes there with someone and greets Amma. He tells his boss that Chachi is an old woman in this neighborhood. Amma slaps him. Beni tells that he wants to hire me for the job and calls Amma as Kathori aunty. Amma asks him to call her Didi. Boss asks if Beni is really LLB. Beni tells that Chachi is witnessed. Amma slaps him and tells that he is lying. He failed in 10th twice and passed with much difficulty. The boss gets angry and leaves. Happu comes there. beni says you would have told Chachi, my boss went angrily. Happu asks him to read the newspaper.

Hritik tells that Dadi might gain her memory when hit by the hall. Ranbir says if she dies. Hritik says she will not die, it is my guarantee. Chamchi says let me think. Happu comes out and asks Boss to stop. He tells him that her recent memory is gone and she remembers 25 years old past. Boss asks why did you make me meet mad woman. Happu tells that his mother is not at home now and she is 80 years of age. Boss says he will come tomorrow. Happu tells everything to Beni. Beni says I thought you was lying. He asks when Chachi’s memory is gone then whom you will make Boss meet as your Amma. Happu whispers something in his ears.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :No Precap.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2020
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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