Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th September 2021 episode starts with Happu fumes that his earnings are minimal, but his children want to visit London. Rajesh says what is wrong if their elder daughter demands something. Happu says every other person who has a first child as daughter . Rajesh continues arguing and shows her jewelry set. He asks if she has so much jewelry, why she cries that she needs new jewelry often. She says these are old ones and her friends have seen it, hence she needs new one. Amma enters and seeing so much jewelry scolds Rajesh. Rajesh says her son bought them for her and asks Happu to sell them and send Kat to London. Amma scolds that her granddaughter cannot even go till next city with this money and asks Happu to sell their house. Happu asks them not to worry as he will do something and send Kat to London. Rajesh and Amma get happy.

Kat makes Hrithik, Ranbir, and Chamchi disguised as beggars and makes them beg. They beg in a rockstar style at first and then beg for Happu Singh. Happu walks in and asks who are these kids. Kat asks him to check himself. Happu fumes seeing his children begging and scolds Kat for making her siblings beg. Kat says they are helping them collect money to visit London as he didn’t arrange money. Happu says he is trying to arrange money and scolding children sends them in. After sometime, Kamlesh walks in singing Manoj Kumar’s movie’s patriotic song. Kat in her broken English asks what happened to him. He says he saw Manoj Kumar’s movies and became patriot, so he will speak only Hindi. Kat also speaks in English. Malaika enters and asks Kat to speak in English and as usual trashes Kamlesh and sends him away. She then scolds Kat to just think of her London dream.

At police station, Manohar offers sweets to Happu again and says his son reached US today. Happu asks if he is trying to making him jealous. Manohar says happiness increases by sharing it. Happu asks not to and asks how can just a constable’s son go to USA, if he did something wrong. Manohar says his son is a college topper and not a low-grade student like his daughter. Reshampal enters and says he is suspending Happu. Happu asks reason. Reshampal says he was joking. Happu thinks Reshampal would have born after 100 cheapsters died. Reshampal hears his mind. Happu says he needs 25 lakhs loan. Reshampal says he will help him and asks reason. Happu says his daughter wants to study in London School of Modeling. Reshampal says he can’t as even his wife wants to study there and if she goes, she will call him to London, so he can’t help Happu. Manohar taunts Happu again.

Dadaji insists Amma not to go to London. Amma says even he can come along. Dadaji says Yamdooth didn’t give him visa as he thinks he will fall for an English girl. Amma laughs and seeing Kat calls her and asks to take her along to London and not her mother. Kat asks why so. Amma badmouths about Rajesh. Kat says her mother is very sweet. Amma continues badmouthing about Rajesh and shows her fake concern for Kat. Rajesh walks in and their argument starts; she challenges amma that she will go to London.

In the evening, Kat’s siblings see her packing bags and asks if she finished packing. Kat says its only her makeup kit. Ranbir says he will not take any bags with didi, so didi can carry her luggage in his name. Hrithik and Chamchi also insist they will go. Kat says chillar/change is not allowed in London. Hrithik says Kat’s English is so so, but his English is excellent. All 3 give their reasoning. Kat says they will not go along and will help her in packing. Siblings think Didi broke her promise; they begged in the morning for didi, but she betrayed them, so they will take revenge of their insult.


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Telecast Date:8th September 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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