Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Hritik and Chamchi arguing while having food. Malaika says she will break their nose, teeth etc. Kat asks why she is becoming childish with them. Malaika says she is trying to make them better. Amma comes and says nobody will get better here. Kat asks what is your opinion about me. Amma says I don’t know if you are spoilt or not. Malaika says right. Ranbir asks Amma to tell about Malaika. Amma says I am proud of her. Ranbir says what about me? Amma says I feel ashamed. Happu comes and gives call to Amma. Amma takes the call and says Atbeer bhaiyya. She says you are coming next week, ok and gets happy. Rajjo pours the water in glass shockingly and then asks Amma. Amma says Atbeer is coming and asks if she has any objection. Rajjo says no.

Happu says Rajesh is changed now. Rajjo says she saw the dream about Mama. Happu says yes and she got emotional and was crying loudly. Rajjo says you are doing overacting. Amma says when he comes next time, then be happy and emotional. Rajjo says I will make so many things and goes excitedly. Amma thinks she is overacting. Rajjo signs him to come by making plate light fall on him. Amma signs him to go. Happu says ok and comes to kitchen. Rajjo tells him that if his Atbeer Mama comes here then she will leave from the house. Happu asks what is your problem with him. Rajjo says he always badmouths about me and asks Happu to stop him. Happu says I can’t refuse him. Rajjo says he will not go for a month. Just then Rajjo gets a call from her Chachi. After ending the call, Rajjo tells Happu that his Chacha’s daughter Laila is coming, whom she had seen in her childhood. Happu gets upset.

Hritik fights with Ranbir and asks if he is a constable. Happu asks if he don’t want to go to school. Hritik says they will go when Kamlesh comes and takes them. Later he asks Amma when Mama is coming. Amma says next week and asks if you are not happy. Happu says he wants to meet him and he can stay here for as many days as he wants. He then tells that he shall stay here in another season. Amma slaps him and says I know that you will say this. She asks him to go and says she will call her brother fast.

Rajjo asks Happu why is he silent? Happu says you can’t digest your food until you make me get beaten up. Rajjo says she will stop Mama somehow and asks him to just see. Happu asks her to feed the baby. Rajjo asks him not to teach her, says she has given birth to baby. Happu says I didn’t say neighbor had given birth.

Kat and Kamlesh come to Beni. Beni asks why did they come here? Kamlesh says we need your land and permission for our restaurant. Beni says ok and asks how they will give money to waiters. Kat says Kamlesh and she will handle. Beni says but you need a lot of chairs and table. Kamlesh says his Papa has chairs and tables at home. Beni says he wants 50 percent profit and will name the restaurant. They agree. Beni says we will start restaurant at the right mahurat. Kamlesh thanks him.

Rajjo comes to Pandit ji and asks him to come. He comes to her. Rajjo gives him money and asks him to lie to Amma. Pandit ji says ok. Later pandit ji comes home to talk to Amma. Amma asks if he had any fight with his wife that he came here. Pandit ji says Amma knows all. She gives her kundali and asks him to see. Pandit ji checks her kundali and says no. He tells that her mayka nakshatra is bad. Rajjo tells that Amma got unwell last time. Amma says I got unwell then. Rajjo brings tea and gives to them. Pandit ji eats the biscuits and tells that it is bad. Rajjo says kids will eat. Amma asks Pandit ji to give solution to her problem. Pandit ji asks him to maintain distance with her mayka and don’t go or call them either.

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