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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th July 2022 Episode starts with Rajjo seeing the dream, in which Dada ji comes to her. Rajjo asks what happened? Dada ji turns his face and asks about his umbrella. Rajjo says it is stolen.

Dada ji asks if she couldn’t keep his umbrella safe. He says you have fallen down from my sight. Rajjo asks for a chance and cries. Happu wakes up and says she is again dreaming. He holds her hand and says she is having fever. Rajjo wakes up and says Dada ji came in my dream.

Happu asks if he don’t have any other relative. Rajjo says he is very upset with me. She cries and says I have lost his last memory. Happu asks her not to cry and says you have fever. Rajjo says it is good and tells that she is in pain for hurting dada ji. She says I have lost his trust.

Happu asks her not to cry and covers her with the blanket. He thinks the matter got above the head, have to do something. He goes to Beni’s house and knocks on the door. Beni is upset and asks what do you want? Happu asks if he is still angry? Beni asks who are you? Happu asks him to come out.

Beni comes out. He refuses to listen and asks him to go. Happu says this has become serious matter and tells about Dada ji’s umbrella. Beni refuses to listen. Happu asks him to listen and tells that Rajjo is unwell since the umbrella is stolen. Beni says you are chirkut, but is my only friend.

He kisses on his cheeks. Happu says who has stolen it. Vimlesh hears them and comes inside. He says you are masters in hiding the matter. Happu says I didn’t do it intentionally. Beni says I know that you both are attached to that umbrella, but if you tell Rajjo about this, then she will make Happu’s condition worse.

Happu says I will search the umbrella. Beni says I will support Happu till my last breath to search the umbrella. Vimlesh thinks what to do, one side is beni and happu and other side is Rajjo.

Dr. Udhas checks Rajjo and says she is serious, and tells that her disease is difficult to catch. Happu says tell us what happened to her. Dr. Udhas says she is unwell, but don’t have any disease. Amma says when she will be fine.

Dr. Udhas says she has some tension which is eating her. Happu asks him to tell the treatment. Dr. Udhas asks Rajjo to tell what tension she has? Rajjo says she is tensed about her dadaji’s umbrella, which is stolen.

Dr. Udhas recalls and asks if it was of black color. Rajjo says yes. Dr. Udhas asks if its handle was golden. Rajjo says yes and asks where did you find it? Dr. Udhas asks Happu why he didn’t tell Rajjo that he took it to Sajjan’s dhaba. Happu says if I would have taken it, then brought it back.

Dr. Udhas says when you went to bathroom, someone had stolen it and then after coming back, you argued with Beni. Amma slaps Happu for not informing at home, after getting it stolen. Dr. udhas says my work is done, search that umbrella else no medicine can work on her. Happu asks what is the fees for igniting the fire?

Dr. udhas says Ram naam satya. Amma scolds him. Rajjo vents out her anger on happu for losing Dada ji’s umbrella. Happu says I didn’t know that she is emotionally attached to that umbrella so much. Rajjo asks him not to return home until he finds the umbrella. Amma asks him to go and hugs Rajjo.

Hritik says Mummy is unwell, else I would have made her hear my essay. Chamchi says if she had heard then would be admitted to the hospital. Hritik says you said much. He stops Happu and says he has important small work from him.
He asks him to hear essay on umbrella. Happu refuses and goes.

In the PS, Happu tells Manohar that someone stole Rajjo’s dada ji umbrella. Manohar laughs hearing this and asks if he is joking? Happu asks didn’t you see that I am tensed? Manohar says you are a dabang,

courageous and brave officer and asks shall I bring water to drown you. He says you will be insulted if this thing goes out of PS. Happu says he will find it. Amma comes there. Manohar says your son has made Rajjo Madam’s Dada ji’s umbrella. He says he shall drown in the river and die.

Amma asks him to be quiet and threatens him, for making fun of her son. Happu asks her to calm down and asks from where did you steal it? Amma asks do you think that I am a thief and slaps him. She shows him dada ji’s umbrella and asks him to make its handle golden and give it to Rajjo. Happu agrees.

Manohar tells Happu that he brought the gold color to paint the umbrella. Happu says he will give him party and asks him to color it to make it look like Dada ji’s umbrella. He paints the umbrella, but couldn’t get the desired color. Happu tries painting the handle while Manohar goes to get tea.

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Telecast Date:6th July 2022
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