Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th August 2020 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th August 2020 Episode starts with Ranbir asking Happu how did he let the thief take all the mangoes. Happu says what to do, he had the knife in his hand. Rajjo says if you had tried then the thief couldn’t have taken the box. Amma curses the thief and tells that he will have pain in his stomach. Hritik tells that he will leave from the house and will stay in rented house. Ranbir asks him to go. Amma asks what happened? Hritik says I can’t cut my nose, don’t know if Papa has respect or not in this locality, but I have respect. Happu asks did I steal in someone’s house. Hritik says you couldn’t handle your own house. Amma tells that she will bring more mangoes for him. Hritik says the matter is about my respect now, the neighbors will call my father as coward, corrupt, etc. Happu asks what are you saying? Hritik says if you had stopped the thief then would have drink mango shake instead of tea. Happu asks him to shut up. Commissioner calls him and asks did you see today’s newspaper. Happu says no. Resham Pal says my photo is published in the newspaper as if I am stabbing someone. Happu checks the paper and tells him that this is the same place where you was trying to save the person. Resham Pal asks him to give statement in his favor and says whatever he asks him to say. He says I am coming there. Happu says ok.

Later happu comes to Beni’s house and eats the mangoes. He asks Beni to keep eye on the door. Beni says ok. He asks him to hear the poetry written by him. happu asks him to say. Beni reads the poetry. He tells that he will praise Vimlesh. Hritik comes there and hears Beni and Happu talking. Happu asks Beni if he has eaten two mangoes. Beni says I don’t like it, I like mangoes. He says I don’t eat mangoes. You made me steal from your house and then accusing me. Hritik comes inside and claps. He calls everyone. Happu pushes him and runs. Hritik says I got the aam chor. Happu falls down and the seed is swallowed by him accidentally. Rajjo hits on happu’s back and scolds him for stealing the box. Amma scolds him and says she would have punished him, but he is suffering as he swallowed the mango. Malaika says if she would have been in police then would have arrested him. Hritik tells that he wants to end his relation with him. He says you are corrupt and mango thief too. Rajjo asks him to be quiet. Hritik says everyone will say that your husband is an aam chor Inspector. Rajjo asks Amma to see what is he saying? Amma scolds Hritik. Hritik says he don’t want such a father, who steals his kids mangoes. Resham Pal comes there and calls Happu. Rajjo takes the kids inside.

Resham Pal greets Happu and Rajjo. Happu signs him. Resham Pal thinks Happu is shameless not to talk to him and signing him to go and signing his wife also. Rajjo says he is asking me to say truth. Resham Pal says Happu will say the truth. Rajjo says mango seed is stuck in his throat and that’s why he couldn’t speak and signing us. Resham Pal gets upset and tells that who eats seed. He says if you don’t give statement then think that my job is gone. Happu signs him something. Resham Pal says I will be jailed too. Happu runs to room and brings paper and pen. He writes down that he will give written statement. Resham Pal says you have mind and asked him to give written statement tomorrow. Rajjo hits Happu repeatedly to take out the seed. Doctor comes there and tells that he left surgery to come here. Rajjo tells that the seed is stuck in Happu’s throat and tells that she tried to take out the seed but it is still stuck. Doctor tells that he has to operate on Happu’s neck to take out the seed. Rajjo asks if there is some other way. Doctor asks her to give him hot tea, may be it will soften and go down or come out. Rajjo says ok. Doctor then asks her to use vacuum cleaner on his mouth. Happu beats the doctor and makes him go. Rajjo takes out the vaccum cleaner. Happu sees and runs.

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Telecast Date:6th August 2020
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