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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th February 2020 Episode Start With Rajjo asking Amma to take medicine. Amma takes medicine. Rajjo says Hritik didn’t come till now. Malaika comes there and tells that she came from tuition. Rajjo says if Hritik is kidnapped. Amma says she is sure that he is with Birju. Just then hritik comes there with his Principal. His teacher asks if Happu Singh is at home. Rajjo says no. Amma asks who is he? Rajjo says principal sir. Principal tells that he caught him red handed from cinema theatre. Hritik asks if watching film is bad. Rajjo says not good during school time. Principal says he goes to watch film often. Hritik questions him what you were doing with maths teacher in cinema hall. He says you was making her have peanuts there. Principal says there is nothing like that. hritik says I saw you both in interval and says when you saw me, you got angry on me so that I get scared and don’t tell anyone. Principal says mannerless child and goes. Rajjo scolds hritik. Amma asks her not to give him any money. Hritik stares Amma. Amma asks will you kill me? She scolds Rajjo for spoiling him.

Happu comes to Beni’s house. Beni offers him drink. Happu says he is in uniform now. He tells that he came early, but had gone to temple to pray for kids. Beni asks what happened? Happu says he went to pray for Hritik. Beni asks what happened? Happu says he wants to do acting and goes to cinema hall from school. Beni says he went in danger zone and asks him to handle him. He makes him recall jugal kishore story. He says a man duped him telling that he is a producer and took him to hotel, and made him do waiter’s work. He says whenever he asked, when shooting will start. The fake producer shows him CCTV and told that shooting is going on. He says jugal kishore realized 10 years later and eloped from there and returned home. He says Hritik is like his son and he wants to warn him. He says but he will understand better when he gets married to vimlesh. Happu thanks him.

Amma talks to Atbeer and tells that she will come to his house next month and will drink buffalo milk. Happu comes there and asks where is Hritik? Amma says his Amma might be knowing. Happu says you are his Dadi and elder of the house. Amma asks if her work is to know where they are going. He calls Rajjo and asks where is Hritik? Rajjo says he went to play. Amma asks her to tell. Rajjo tells him that Principal caught him in cinema theatre. Happu asks why did you send him to play. Amma blames Rajjo for spoiling him. Rajjo asks what wrong did I do? She says you are saying as if he eloped with someone’s daughter. Amma says your wish will be fulfilled soon. Happu asks them to stop fighting and tell where is he? He says he will break his feet. Hritik is sitting outside and acts to cry. Amma asks why is he crying now? Kat says somegirl broke his heart and that’s why he is crying. Rajjo says he is small, who will betray him. Happu asks him to say what happened? Hritik says my world is ruined. Amma asks him to say. Hritik says he is no more. Amma asks who? Hritik says he was your stars of eyes. The kids say if he is talking about Atbeer. Amma shouts and cries. Hritik says he is talking about Dada ji. Happu says he died long back. Hritik then laughs and says he was acting. Rajjo scolds him. Happu asks why did you act? Hritik says just like you all do your work, I do acting. Happu says he hates acting. Hritik says then make the cinema halls closed, ban the films and jailed all producer, director and all actors, then I will sign on whatever paper you say. He says he is a shahinsha, in which God has written Muqaddar ka Sikandar. He asks how many times you have watched this film. Happu and Amma say 50 times. Hritik says even you are fan of this film. Happu threatens to send him to hostel. Hritik says no and says he will not do acting. Happu says if he is acting. Hritik says this is genuine.

Kamlesh and Kat come to the park in disguise. Kat says now nobody can throw dirty water on us. Hritik catches them and says he will do. He says he will tell at home that they are meeting indisguise. Kat says she will get his phone recharged. Hritik asks them to do his work. Kamlesh and kat agrees.

Happu talks to Rajjo and says if Hritik acts again then she shall take hostel’s name. Makwana asks what happened? Hritik says he gave a medicine to him, and made him quiet. Commissioner comes there and tells that his son eloped again. He says when his son was taken home, he acted to be unconscious, then he was taken to hospital. There he had worn police uniform and escaped leaving a letter. Happu gives letter to Makwana. Makwana begins reading.

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Telecast Date: 4th February 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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