Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Kat dancing in her room. Kamlesh comes there from the window and dances with her. Kat stops seeing him. Kamlesh appreciates her dancing skills. Kat says she is Kateli Nacheniya…Kamlesh says he came to surprise her. Kat asks did you bring gajar ka halwa from jaiprakash halwai. Kamlesh says no and tells that he came to tell his poetry to her. Kat asks him to say. Kamlesh asks her to say irshaad. Kat says irshaad. Kamlesh tells poetry. Kat says there is no pain in your poetry. Kamlesh says I will tell another poetry. He tells the poetry. Kat says there is no pain in your poetry. She asks him to hurt himself and then deliver the poetry. Kamlesh says oh, my God.

Happu comes to Police station and thinks Manohar haven’t come till now. Manohar comes and says hi. Happu asks if I am your girlfriend that you are saying hi and asks him to say jaihind. Manohar says it has become old. Happu asks him to say jai hind. Manohar says it and tells that he went to watch film yesterday. He says all the wives in the theatre really enjoyed it. Happu asks if it is really good then I will take your bhabhi to watch movie. Manohar says which bhabhi? Happu says I have only one wife. He asks about the movie. Manohar says it is based on wife’s torture on husband and also there are some romantic scenes, asks him to take corner seat. Happu says I know and calls Rajjo. He asks if she wants to watch movie with him. Rajjo says yes. Happu says he will get the tickets booked and tells about the film’s name. Rajjo says it is a good film. Happu says I love you. Rajjo says I love you too. Manohar says hat batameex kahika…Happu says yes, film is good. Manohar says I didn’t take the film name.

Chamchi hears Rajjo and asks why they are not taking kids to watch film. Rajjo says it is not kids film. She says she will take them to watch film next time. Chamchi asks if they will not take Dadi along with them. Rajjo says tell your Dadi that only we are going and asks her not to utter any more word extra. Chamchi goes. Rajjo cooks food in the kitchen and is happy.

Malaika tells Dadi about her NCC training. Amma and Dada ji bless her. Chamchi comes there and tells Amma that mummy and papa are watching a movie. Malaika says even she wants to watch this film. Amma says she wants to watch it too. Dada ji asks her to come with him. Amma says she kissed other guy mistakenly thinking he is there. Dada ji asks what you are saying. Amma says I mean that I have slapped him. Chamchi says even she wants to go. Dada ji asks Amma to let Happu and Rajjo go. Amma and Chamchi plan something.

Kamlesh and Kat are outside the college. Kamlesh asks Kat to hurt him by her words. Kat understands. Kamlesh asks her to hurt him. Kat says you are the best donkey. Kamlesh says everytime people call me donkey. Kat says you are a dog. Kamlesh tells that back bench girls used to call him pet dog of kat. He asks her to say something different. Kat says you are not son of your father. Kamlesh says I am my father’s son and tells that she has hurt him deeply. She goes. Kat says you will write good poetry now.

Hritik, Chamchi and other kids are playing and have an argument. Malaika comes and stop them. She asks why the marbles are scattered. Ranbir says they are playing. Rajjo tells Amma that she is going out to watch movie and asks her to have film. Amma asks Rajjo to go out, have chicken of my side also. She slips keeping her foot on the marbles. Rajjo rushes back to Amma. Beni also comes there. Malaika says they were playing the marbles. Dada ji asks Amma not to act and let bahu go. beni asks where it is hurting? Amma cries and asks if you are a doctor. Beni tries to help Amma get up. Rickshaw guy comes there. Malaika says nobody is coming and asks him to go. He goes.

Happu waits for Rajjo at the theatre and calls her, but Rajjo is busy taking care of Amma. Happu thinks he might miss the film. Chamchi scolds Hritik for playing the marbles. Hritik says even you are responsible. Malaika says all of you are responsible. Rajjo brings ointment and says she will apply. Amma asks her to go to watch movie. Dada ji asks amma to let Rajjo go and scolds her for involving the kids in her plan. Chamchi and Hritik act to cry. Amma thinks they are doing overacting. Rajjo says she will bring haldi milk and goes to kitchen. Happu gets irritated and tears the tickets. Rajjo comes to room, thinks Happu might be waiting for her in the cinema hall. Happu comes home and tells that he became a fool and came. Rajjo says it is good that he came. Happu says he made a good plan and asks why you didn’t come. Rajjo says I didn’t do anything, but Amma did. She says Amma slipped stepping on the marble and tells that she has done her massage and made her drink haldi milk. Happu says you did right and goes to meet Amma.

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