Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st October 2019 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st October 2019 Written Episode Update,Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st October 2019 Episode Start With Rajjo coming to wake up Happu. He hugs her. He says tell me, when did you wake up. She says 6 am. He says I want to know your routine. He says if you had a bath for 20mins instead 30mins, I m sure you will still have this fragrance, you can save 10 mins, you can romance me. She beats him and goes. He gets up. Everyone dines. Rajjo asks kids not to do drama and eat. They ask for puri and curry.

Amma asks why are you acting like your uncle. Rajjo says Chamchi, you don’t joke about my brother Boomer, he walks right now. Amma says he is really strange. She laughs. Mallika asks for puri. Happu calls out Rajjo. Rajjo goes. She asks Happu to take the towel. Happu pulls Rajjo inside and hugs her. She says leave me, let me go. He says I will not let you go. She says Amma will come. He says sorry, you tricked me and ran away, don’t go now. Katori says I want puris. Chamchi asks Amma to call Rajjo. Amma says its her old habit, maybe she is talking to her mum on call.

Amma says we all will go and see what is she doing. They hear Happu and Rajjo arguing. Ritik says mum is inside the bathroom, I can hear them talking. Amma asks are you inside. Happu worries. Rajjo asks him to leave her. She goes. Amma asks what were you doing here. Rajjo says ask your son. Happu says they are always after me. He comes out. Amma asks what were you doing inside. Happu says I was having a bath. She beats him. He runs. Happy comes to Benny. Benny asks what’s the matter. Happu says I feel I m forcing Rajjo. Benny says she is your wife. Happu says yes, but there is nothing like old times, there is some problem between us, I m going close, she is going away, she is beating me and running away, she told Amma about me, everyone was standing, I was ashamed. Benny says oh no, Rajjo lost interest in you, I m a bachelor, don’t ask me anything, you are married since 19 years, you are asking me for solution. Happu says yes, I will think of some solution.

He checks files and works in police station. Rajjo gets his tiffin. He asks how did you come in. She says I have come to dance. He asks her to answer right. She says take the tiffin. He says I forgot this at home, my attention was on you. She says just work, I m going. He hugs her. She says commissioner will see. He says no, he won’t come. Commissioner comes. Happu greets him. Commissioner asks what was happening. Happu says I m reading files. Commissioner scolds him. He asks Rajjo was she agreeing for this. She says no, he was forcing me. Commissioner says I knew this, go home, I will deal with him. She goes.

Commissioner scolds Happu. Happu says sorry, but she is my wife. Commissioner says you can’t do anything without her permission, I m waiting for my wife’s permission since 30 years. Happu says but you have a 15 year old boy. Commissioner warns him and goes. Mallika asks Katori to just do one work, is she going out with Kamlesh. Katori says yes, it depends on Kamlesh. Mallika asks do you like him. Katori says I like him as friend, not BF, he is not my type.

Mallika says he will go mad. Katori says I m saying the truth. Kamlesh comes and hears them. Katori says he spends money and makes me spend more. Mallika asks what’s your type. Katori says I like Kamlesh as a friend, BF is different, I like a guy who has moustache. Mallika says you like guys like dad. Katori says no, dad is old fashioned. Kamlesh says I thought you like me after shave, don’t worry, I will become a man for you, I m going to change myself just for you. He goes. Katori says I m not having clothes.

Happu sees Amma sleeping. He calls her out. She wakes up and slaps him. He asks don’t I look good like before. Amma says you are asking as if you looked prince before. He says you always pull my leg. She says you look good. His dad says ask him, why is he asking this. Amma asks why are you asking this. Happu says Rajjo is not taking interest in me. Amma says she doesn’t take interest in anyone, she just has interest in her family. Happu says you aren’t understanding. His dad says you know it and acting. She asks him to stop it. Happu asks is he here. She says yes. He says he is always here, I meant Rajjo is running away from me, she isn’t liking me. Amma slaps him and says Rajjo gave you nine children, what interest will she take.

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