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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Amma singing song. Happu comes there and asks her to continue singing. Amma asks why did you come to my room? Rajjo says we got dragged here hearing your song. Amma asks them to come to the topic. Happu says I want to say that I can become commissioner. Amma asks him to become. Rajjo says Cheetar bhaiyya has a connection with Minister and he is asking 20 lakhs rs. Happu says I don’t have the money, you can give me. Amma says you are my son. Happu says no doubt. Amma slaps him and says if I don’t think of your promotion, then will think of whose promotion. She takes the trunk out of her almari. She checks in the trunk and says I have some old jewellery, which I will mortgaged and give you 20 lakhs till evening. She says when you get promotion then return my 20 lakhs. She hugs Happu and asks Rajjo to make tea.

Commissioner checks the files and says Manohar, Happu and Makwana are not doing work. Happu comes there. Commissioner says my promotion is not happening because of your bad work. Happu asks him to say, what position he wants after becoming commissioner. Commissioner says I want to become IG. Happu says ok and calls Cheetar asking how is the bribe amount to become IG. Cheetar says 50 lakhs. Happu ends the call and tells Commissioner that Cheetar is having connection with influential men. Commissioner says he is ready. Makwana asks him to make commissioner and says I have my uniform ready. Happu says he is becoming Commissioner. Commissioner says then make me SP. Manohar asks him to make him Inspector. Happu calls cheetar and asks about the bribe amount to become SP and Inspector. Cheetar says 30 and 10 lakhs. Makwana agrees to give 30 lakhs. Manohar says 10 lakh is more. Happu asks him to be constable then. Manohar says I will make the arrangements. Happu asks them to make arrangement of money.

Cheetar is leaving. Rajjo cries and asks him to stay for 3-4 days more. Amma coughs. Cheetar says I will come. She asks him about Vimlesh’s marriage. Cheetar says she don’t want to marry for Avdesh. Rajjo says dhoomar is there to take care of her mum. Amma says Dhoomar is a drunkard and can’t take care of himself. Cheetar asks them to stop arguing and teases Amma. Amma scolds him. Rajjo whispers her message in his ears and asks him to give Avdesh. Cheetar says ok. Amma asks what you was saying in ears. Happu comes there and says this is my life’s earnings and asks him to concentrate on his promotion. Cheetar asks him to make arrangement for his dream. Cheetar asks about Commissioner, Makwana and Manohar’s money. Happu says they will take time and asks him to do his promotion first. Cheetar goes. Rajjo goes inside the house. Happu says you will become Commissioner Happu’s mother then which drink you will take. They watch the news anxiously. Rajjo says Cheetar bhaiyya can’t lie. She says my brother is making him commissioner in just 20 lakhs. Makwana, Commissioner and Manohar come there with their money. They tell that they have stolen their wife’s jewellery and mortgaged it to get money. Happu says Cheetar bhaiyya went. All of them get sad.

News come on the screen that Cheetar Singh is a thug who dupes people by promising jobs. They all get shocked. Reporter says 20 lakhs was seized from him, when he got caught. They see his pic on the news and says he is in other words Cheater. Rajjo is shocked. Manohar holds his money. Rajjo apologizes to them. Commissioner, Makwana and Manohar tell that they are saved. Happu cries and says he lost the money. Amma tells that they are saved too and tells that she had given fake notes to Cheetar. She says she understood that he is a fraud when he eyed her trunk. Commissioner appreciates her and asks from where she got fake notes printed. Happu and Amma are shocked.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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