Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th January 2020 Episode Start With Amma telling that Cheetar is asking chicken and asked her to eat khichdi. Dada ji says it is good for your health. Amma asks him to stop it. Cheetar comes there and asks whom she is talking to? Amma asks him to go. Cheetar asks about her suitcase and jokes. He asks her not to fall in ghost trap and says they shall call tantrik, get her away from ghost. Dada ji gets scared. Amma asks Cheetar to go and play teen patti. Cheetar asks her to take care of suitcase. Amma says he don’t seems to be a good guy.

Rajjo comes to room and asks Happu if he don’t like Cheetar. Happu says he don’t like him and tells that it is good that he came, but he talks anything infront of anyone. Rajjo says when a person becomes big then becomes mannerless. She says her husband is a big man. Happu asks if he is a big man. Rajjo asks if he thinks darling is a bad word. She tells that her mood is of romance. Rajjo says she wants to romance with him. Happu says just as my mood becomes good, you will play teen patti with your brother. They get romantic. Cheetar comes there and says he can’t sleep without playing. Rajjo says you said right and asks Happu if he wants to sleep. Happu says game is important, I can sleep anywhere. He goes. Cheetar plays teen patti with her. Happu sees Hritik having his pistol and says it is loaded. Hritik says why you are scared and says it is empty. Happu asks who taught you to open the gun. Chamchi says Mama taught him how to shoot also. Happu asks Malaika how she can let them learn this. Malaika blames Cheetar. Ranbir says he is our Guru ji. Malaika asks him until when Mama will stay here and says Mummy is thinking all this as entertaining.

Cheetar gets massage from beni and asks him to become masseur. Beni says he has property in two-three places. Cheetar asks him to sell all the property and starts massage center service in Dubai and then mujra house in side. Beni thinks he wants me to open brothel. Happu comes there and asks Cheetar what you’ re teaching the kids. They are getting mannerless. Cheetar says nobody understands manners now. He asks if he wants to become Commissioner. Happu says yes. Cheetar calls Minister and asks him to make Happu as commissioner. He then ends the call. Happu asks if I will become commissioner. Cheetar says yes, but you have to spend 20 lakhs for this. Happu is shocked and comes home. Rajjo asks where is Cheetar? Happu tells that Beni is massaging him. He tells that Cheetar is asking 20 lakhs for becoming commissioner. Rajjo asks him to ask Amma to give 20 lakhs from her suitcase. Happu requests her not to talk like that. Rajjo asks him to ask Amma once.

Kamlesh is waiting for Kat. She comes there and doesn’t identify him as he is in disguise. She calls him uncle and asks did you see any thin guy here. Kamlesh says I didn’t see any thin guy here, and calls her Kat. Kat asks how did you know my name? Kamlesh says he took macho man’s look. Kat asks can I call you uncle. Kamlesh says no and asks where is protest board? Kat goes to bring it. Makwana calls commissioner and he found bomber here. Commissioner says I am here and asks him to catch the bomber. They both go to Kamlesh and beat him. Kamlesh tells that he is not a terrorist, but a simple boy. Makwana and Commissioner beats him. Kamlesh calls Kat. Kat comes there and asks what happened? Makwana says I saw this girl somewhere as Kat comes there. Kat introduces herself. Commissioner asks how can you support terrorist. Kat says he is Kamlesh and asks him to take out the moustache. Kamlesh takes out moustache, beard and wig. Kat says her board is torn.


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Happu asks Cheetar about the bribe amount to become SP and Inspector. Manohar says he will arrange money to become Inspector.

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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