Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With everyone laughing. Beni says I will find out anyhow. Malaika says Beni uncle will find out and is very clever. Hritik says we shall share this with mummy. Malaika asks Ranbir and Chamchi to talk to Rajjo, and asks Kamlesh to turn the car towards there. Ranbir tells Chamchi that they shall not tell mummy. Chamchi says if we take mummy in confidence then she will save us. Ranbir says you can tell Dadi. Chamchi says I will be saved, but you all will be scolded by both Dadi and Papa. Rajjo comes there.

Chamchi says we went to have icecream out after you all went to sleep. Ranbir says we sat in the car and…Rajjo asks from where you got the keys. Ranbir says he took it from her room. Rajjo asks who planned it? Chamchi says Malaika. Rajjo asks who was driving the car. Ranbir says Kamlesh. Chamchi says we enjoyed and have icecream and asks Ranbir to say further. Ranbir asks her to say it. Chamchi says Kamlesh hit the car and it got the dent. They ask her to handle Papa. Rajjo says you know well how much emotional your papa is, about the car. Amma says I heard everything. Rajjo asks Amma to handle Happu else he will give dent to her children.

In the morning, Happu asks who moved my scooter? Hritik says I. Malaika says I helped him. Rajjo asks him to go to PS. Happu asks why his scooter is moved from its place. Amma scolds him and asks Rajjo not to do anything for him. Kat says father is wasting money and says time is money. Happu says ok. He says I will go now. Rajjo pushes his scooter. Happu is shocked and asks what is happening in the house. He asks why the car is parked this side. Chamchi says Kamlesh bhaiyya parked it. Ranbir sings the song. Malaika asks him to go. Happu asks for car keys and says I will park the car rightly first. Rajjo says Kamlesh will do it. Happu says I will do. Amma asks him to go.

Happu goes. Hritik says it is good that Dadi made Papa go. Kamlesh brings mechanic there. Mechanic checks the dent and asks how it came? Malaika says Kamlesh hit the car with the tree. Mechanic asks if he was drunk. Kamlesh says he was having icecream. Mechanic says he has to take car for 2-3 days. Kamlesh tells mechanic that their father earns much black money. Kat says no. Amma asks mechanic to repair the car fast. Kamlesh gives keys to him. Mechanic takes away the car. Rajjo says what we will do for 2-3 days. Kamlesh says my Chacha has same color car.

In the Police station, Old commissioner asks Happu about his car. Happu says he is not driving much now. He calls Rajjo and asks how is the car? Rajjo says you never called me to ask about me before. Happu says you are reacting as if it is your sautan. Rajjo says your car is saved. Happu says I thought car might have got scratched. Rajjo asks what about my scratches. Happu asks about her scratch. Rajjo says you scratches me in sleep and ends the call. Kamlesh’s chacha comes there. He asks Happu to write his complaint and tells that his car is stolen. Happu scolds Manohar and asks him to write the report. Happu asks about the car color. Kamlesh’s chacha says light blue and tells about the car number. He says he has to go to see girl.

Later kamlesh’s chacha comes to Beni’s house and asks him about the land. Beni says he is trying to convince them. Lawyer says if you convince them that 10 percent of land is yours. Beni says ok, I am doing the work. He sees car parked in Happu’s home and asks about it. Beni says it is of happu singh. Kamlesh’s chacha looks at the car. Beni asks him to see closely. Kamlesh asks Kat to have strength. They see Beni with Chacha. Kamlesh’s Chacha scolds him. Amma ji comes out. Chacha says my car is stolen. Rajjo says Inspector went to Police station. He asks about the car. Malaika says it is ours. He checks the car and says it is mine. Amma says many cars are of these color. Beni says it is of Happu. Kamlesh’s Chacha says it is my car. Rajjo asks do you want to say that Inspector stole it from your house. Amma says it is ours. Kripala says it is mine. Hritik says Amma is not lying.


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamlesh falls on the car and the fake number plate falls down. Everyone is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 2nd January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv and Zee5


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