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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd August 2021 Episode starts with Resham pal and Manohar aiming gun at Happu. Resham Pal tells that he will drag him to PS. He says he knows that he plans to elope. Manohar taunts him. Happu tells Amma that Manohar is saying too much. Amma says my son is an Inspector. Resham Pal says not anymore, if the black money wouldn’t have found in the house then your son would have been an Inspector. The kids cry asking not to arrest their Papa. Resham pal says I have to take you. Rajjo comes there and asks what is happening. Resham Pal says your house was raided and black money was found in your house. Rajjo whispers to Happu to run away. It turns out to be her dream. She pushes Happu in sleep and asking him to run away. Happu gets up and asks what happened to her. Rajjo wakes up and tells about her bad dream. Happu says nobody can drag me and asks her not to worry, as the dream will not be fulfilled.

Later Amma and kids wait for the breakfast and shout calling Rajjo to serve breakfast. Rajjo brings breakfast and serves them. Happu comes there and asks where is the newspaper? Ranbir says it is with me, for a class project. Rajjo asks what is the project? Chamchi says we have to cut and paste the country news in the project. Happu asks Ranbir to give the newspaper. Ranbir gives the newspaper. Happu opens it and finds the newspaper cut. Chamchi says we didn’t cut some news and says she will read. She reads that Inspector Rajesh Yadav’s house is raided and the Police found 55 lakhs in his house. Rajjo gets shocked and tells Amma about her dream. Kat comes there and asks Happu why is he tensed? Happu says your mother saw a dream and tells that if their house is raided then they will not get anything as all the money get spent on the kids. Hritik says when the raid official comes there, I will ask him to check Papa’s tummy. Malaika asks Happu if he knows what happens when house is raided. Happu goes.

Kamlesh compliments Kat’s looks. Kat gets happy. Kamlesh tells her that he is interested in gardening, and made song on it. Kat asks him to sing song. Kamlesh sings song on plants and gardening. Kat gets happy and says you sang very well, and sounded like Hollywood singer. Kamlesh thanks her. She asks him to tell more gardening. He asks her to bring the gardening tool from the home. Kat says ok and goes. Kamlesh tries to get the land, when he gets Sudarshan’s call. He tells him that he is digging the land and will hide the money inside and says nobody will raid at Inspector’s house.

Resham pal asks Manohar where is Happu? Manohar says he didn’t come. Resham Pal says he feels that he has black money in his house. Manohar says I told you to fire him and appoint me as inspector and taunts Resham pal for not understanding. Resham Pal asks him not to cross his limits. Happu comes there and greets Resham Pal. Resham Pal goes from there. Manohar tells Happu that Resham Pal has a doubt that you have black money in your house. Happu says I don’t have anything at home, and tells that he is not taking bribe now. Manohar asks what is the solution for Resham Pal’s doubt. Happu says there is no treatment for doubt. Manohar says you have to do something else he will not get your promotion done. Happu gets thinking.

Later in the evening, Happu asks beni to make drink. Beni asks what happened to you? Happu says he is getting negativity and tells about Rajjo’s dream about raid in his house. He read in the news about a similar news and got tension. He says Manohar told me that Resham Pal doubts on me that I have black money in my house. Beni asks him to go to Himalayas and become a baba. Happu says if I go now, then who will earn to feed my 9 kids. Beni says I have a good idea for you and says I know Taneja, he is IT commissioner. He says whenever I get a tip about someone, then I inform IT commissioner and get commission for that. He says we shall get your house raid and says if any money is found then 30 percent is of Taneja and 70 percent is yours. Happu asks him to call Taneja and tells that he didn’t have any money at home. Beni gets a secret mobile to call Taneja. He asks did you identify me? Taneja says no. Beni says I am a secret spy and tells about Happu, an Inspector, who has kept black money at home. He asks Taneja to do raid on the house and put his commission in his account. Happu scolds Beni for calling so many bad words for him.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2021
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