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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th June 2021 Episode starts with Happu coming to Beni and sees him romancing in air. He sits and drinks wine. Beni asks what is this misbehavior, you drank your bhabhi’s drink. Happu asks who is sitting here? Beni says Bimlesh. Happu asks have you gone mad? Beni says if I don’t get married, then I have to just imagine everything. He says he married bimlesh in his imagination and tells that nobody shall get in someone’s private space. Happu says you have gone waste. Beni says you are waste and says you have told me that mangoes will come, and asks where is it? Happu tells that there is a change in plan and tells that the mangoes are coming from Dhoomar Bhaiyya. He asks him to take 1 box from them. Beni says he wants 2 boxes, 1 for him and 1 for Bimlesh. Amma asks Rajjo if the mangoes will come in this birth from your brother’s house. Rajjo says yes, it will come today. Kamlesh comes there indisguise and tells that Dhoomar sent the mangoes. Rajjo says smell is coming.

Beni comes there and tells that he came sensing the smell. Kamlesh says hi Kat. Everyone looks at him. Malaika asks how do you know her? Kamlesh says I know her since she was small. Kat smiles. Amma asks if there is any taste in Dhoomar mangoes. Kamlesh calls her Dadi. Amma says you are older than me. He calls her Kathori and says mangoes are good. Amma says kids shall taste it first. Ranbir and Chamchi taste the mangoes. Ranbir says it is very bitter and throws it. Chamchi says seems like it is rotten. Ranbir says he is having pain in his stomach. Chamchi says we are rushing to toilets, and asks others to eat on their own risk. Rajjo asks Happu to eat it. Beni says I can’t take risk, asks if I die then Bimlesh will be left without marriage. Kamlesh runs away. Amma asks Rajjo to eat the mangoes, sent by her brother Dhoomar. Rajjo says I will eat after making food. Amma tells that she knows that dhoomar will send rotten mangoes. She asks happu not to worry and says Atbeer is sending mangoes tomorrow.

Kat reads GK book and tells Kamlesh that she couldn’t be able to read anything from this book. Kamlesh says I can understand, and asks if your eyes got any problem. Malaika comes there. Kamlesh tells the problem. Malaika says you are holding the book wrongly. Kamlesh says we knew it, we were checking your GK. Kat asks if professor is increasing my marks. Kamlesh says yes, he said that he will give. Malaika says Kamlesh can’t do anything. Kat says if you don’t get marks for me then I will beat you. Rajjo comes there and beats him. Kat asks why are you beating him? Kamlesh says I have eaten it, it was good. Rajjo makes him go. Kat asks what did you do?

Happu tells Amma that he has sold the mangoes and took the money. Amma tells Happu that Atbeer is sending 25 boxes of mangoes and says if they have eaten Dhoomar mangoes, then their stomach would have got pain. She asks the kids to have mangoes with spoon. Rajjo hears them. Amma tells that she shall get her sugar test done, before eating mangoes. He goes to pathology lab. Rajjo thinks she will make Amma yearn for the mangoes and will not let her eat.

Dr Udhas comes to Happu’s house. Rajjo asks about amma’s report. Dr. Udhas tells that Amma’s sugar level is normal. Rajjo asks him to change the report and make the sugar level high. Dr. Udhas refuses. Rajjo blackmails him, telling that she will tell his wife about his affair with someone. Dr. Udhas agrees and goes.

Later Amma and Happu look at the mangoes sent by Atbeer Mama. They are about to eat it, when Rajjo comes there and stops Amma from eating it. She says Amma’s report haven’t come till now. Dr. Udhas comes there and tells that Amma’s sugar level is so much that when they tried to test her blood, house flies sit on her blood. He says he tested the houseflies and their sugar level was very high. He says if Amma eats any sugar content then she will die. Amma says I will not have sugar, will just have mangoes. Doctor says mango will be deadly for you. He goes. Rajjo asks Amma not to eat mangoes, and says if you die then I will jump off from the third floor. Happu says we have just 2 floors. Rajjo says I will go to neighbor’s house and die. She asks Amma to refrain herself from seeing or eating the mangoes. Amma keeps her hand on her eyes.

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Telecast Date:29th June 2021
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