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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th July 2022 Episode starts with Vimlesh asking Happu why did he beat beni so much. Happu says didn’t you see that I was helpless. Rajjo and Gabbar come there. Gabbar asks Happu to make her understand that Beni will not return. Rajjo says she is not crying openly. Vimlesh says she didn’t want to hurt Beni.

Rajjo says she has decided to get her engaged to Sagar. Happu says he won’t let this happen. Gabbar tells Happu that if he dies, then he will get Rajjo married after his 13th day. Happu asks Rajjo if he is your father. Gabbar and Rajjo leave. Vimlesh says if I get remarried then? Happu asks her not to give reaction as if beni is dead. She asks him to get the insurance claim passed.

Hritik tells Kamlesh that Papa didn’t file FIR of Beni’s death. Ranbir says he didn’t write simple complaint. Happu comes there. Kat, and her siblings hide. Happu asks Kamlesh to pass the Beni’s claim. Kamlesh says I will settle this case in 5 days.

Happu says I can give the bribe if you want. Kamlesh says I am doing my job sincerely and asks him to go. Phone rings. Kamlesh gets the phone from under his table and says it is my secret case. Kat and the kids come out.

Happu comes to Beni and asks him to drink so that he don’t get shocked. He says when you go out, you will not get Vimlesh, as she is getting engaged. Beni gets upset and asks what is he saying? Happu says let the engagement happen, but I will break it once the claim is passed. He asks him to have food with his hand.

Resham Pal comes there and scolds Happu for having drink with the goon. Happu says for humanity sake. Resham Pal says even I am in a mood to drink and asks Manohar to get the drink with chakna. Manohar asks for the money. Resham Pal looks at him. Manohar goes to bring Chakna. Resham Pal asks Happu to beat the goon until he finishes it. He says your hands shall work else you will lose the job.

Resham Pal’s wife comes there and asks him to come, and says that man was standing in the market who cut my hair. Resham Pal says he is here. His wife says that man was in the market. Beni says I will meet you after your retirement.

Rajjo and Gabbar bring Vimlesh forcibly to get her engaged to Sagar. They make her sit beside Sagar. Amma says Vimlesh is going to start afresh. Gabbar says yes. Rajjo says we shall make the ring ceremony done. Vimlesh says she is unwell. Rajjo says I am asking you to exchange ring. Kat, Malaika and others think why Beni is not stopping the engagement. Amma asks Sagar not to leave Vimlesh.

Rajjo says Vimlesh is quick and will make you do all the work, she is already trained. Amma asks them to exchange rings. Vimlesh looks for Beni. Rajjo asks Sagar to make her wear the ring and asks her to forward her hand. Vimlesh forwards her hand, when Beni comes running there. Vimlesh hugs him.

Beni says don’t do this engagement. Amma asks if he is kicked out from heaven. Beni says it was Happu and my planning. Kamlesh hears them. Amma slaps Beni. Rajjo scolds Happu. Amma slaps Beni and asks why did you act? Beni tells that he has to give money to Pathan, and tells that he has invested in the company which was duped. He says Vimlesh knows about it. Gabbar asks if Vimlesh was talking to you.

Beni says yes. Happu says Pathan will not leave me also. Amma says she will handle. Sagar asks Amma to inform him if there is any alliance. Amma says whenever someone’s husband dies.

Pathan comes to Beni and Happu. He asks Beni if he acted to die to fool him. Beni says he acted to die so that he can get insurance claim. Pathan asks them to get ready to die. Pathan gets a call and tells Happu and Beni, that he is forgiving them.

He tells that the company in which they have invested, is on top today as the owner married a foreigner and invested her money in it to lift the company. Happu and Beni get happy and plan to go to Switzerland and get a massage. Pathan asks him to pay the loan and goes. Pan shop guy tells that even he gave them 5000 Rs, and asks them to get Switzerland ticket for him as well.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
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