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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th July 2022 Episode starts with Malaika keeping snacks for Kamlesh. Kamlesh thanks her. Malaika asks him not to expect it again. Happu says we are not in a position to talk. Kamlesh says I will come next week.

Happu says I will gather my courage to reply to you. Kamlesh asks what is your name? Happu says Happu Singh. Kamlesh asks about Beni’s name. Happu says Beni Prasad. Kamlesh asks about his relation with him.

Happu says childhood friend. Kamlesh asks about his wife. Happu says she is inside. Kamlesh asks him to tell how the accident happened. Happu cooks up a fake story and says Beni fell down in the valley. Kamlesh asks do you know the number of the scooter, who hit your scooter. Happu says he didn’t see.

Kamlesh says if the scooter hit you from behind or front. Happu says from front. Kamlesh asks why didn’t you get any injury then? Happu says I am blessed by God and Amma, what you have? Kamlesh says people claim money from me. Hritik asks Kamlesh to ask Happu, where is Beni’s dead body. Kamlesh says I know my job and asks did you call sniffer dog to locate the dead body. Happu asks what are you saying,

Manohar asks Beni what he would like to have in chakna. Beni says anything. Manohar asks for money. Beni says you can buy it for yourself too and gives him money. Manohar says I will buy it.

Resham pal comes there and asks where is Happu? Manohar says don’t know. Resham Pal looks at Beni and says he has cut my wife’s hair 5 days back. Beni says I was in purani chowk 5 days back. Resham pal says we were there then? Beni says I was not kind of man. Resham Pal asks Manohar to bring red hunter and keep this man in the lock up, until he respects woman.

Vimlesh talks to Beni on phone and asks why is he making sound. Beni says Resham Pal had beaten him with red hunter and made map on his back, for cutting his wife’s hair. Vimlesh says why didn’t you tell him truth. She gives him a kiss. Beni kisses Manohar. Manohar is shocked. Vimlesh tells Beni that she is with him. Gabbar cries hearing her. Rajjo comes and ask what happened?

Vimlesh comes out hearing them. Gabbar says we can understand your pain, and says incomplete love can make a person mad. Vimlesh asks Rajjo if she is with her. Rajjo says I am with you. She asks Vimlesh to get married to Sagar. Vimlesh is shocked. Rajjo says I have taken a decision. Vimlesh thinks to stop Sagar somehow.

Vimlesh goes to Beni and asks him to do something. Manohar says he is not in a position to do something. Vimlesh tells him that everyone wants her to get married to Sagar. Happu comes there. Beni says you didn’t claim yet, my wife is getting married.

Happu asks him to bear for few days. Vimlesh says she has brought ointment, to be applied on his back. Happu asks Manohar what happened to him. Manohar says I can’t help if destiny is bad. Resham Pal comes there and asks Vimlesh if she is applying ointment to a goon. Vimlesh says goon threatened me to apply ointment.

Resham Pal asks Happu and Manohar if they didn’t do anything. He says I will pull out his skin. Vimlesh says I will leave. Resham Pal asks her to sit and asks Manohar to bring samsosa. He asks Happu to beat the goon with belt hard, until they have samosa. Happu is shocked.

The kids go to the valley with Kamlesh and search for Beni’s dead body. Ranbir says it doesn’t seem like accident happened here. Kamlesh says everything will be found. Kamlesh says I shall check if he is dead or alive.

A guy comes there holding tea stand. Malaika says we shall ask him. She asks the tea seller if he saw any accident happening here. The tea seller checks his diary and says no accident happened here. Happu beats Beni.

Resham Pal tells Happu that he don’t have power in his hands, so what is the use of hiring him and says you are suspended. Happu beats Beni hard. Resham Pal says he shall hear his voice far away. While he is talking on phone, he asks the Inspector if he heard the scream. The inspector says yes. Resham Pal says now it reached.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
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