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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th January 2020 Episode Start With kids greeting Happu and asking him to sit. Happu tells that he shall think that they’re using his money rightly and asks how are they studying? He asks Kat about her studies. Kat says she is studying well. Malaika teases her. Happu asks other kids. Malaika says she is studying well. He asks Chamchi. Chamchi says she studies well. he asks Ranbir. Ranbir says I will top the exam. Rajjo comes there and asks if he is taking their class. He asks Hritik about his studies. Hritik asks him to go to his school and ask.

Happu asks him to say. Hritik says I will say when I am free. Amma says this is the result of keeping the kids on head. Rajjo says he is mischievous. Just then they hear crow making caw caw sound. Kat says when some guests come, the crow used to say caw caw. Just then Rajjo gets a call from Cheetar bhaiya. Hritik asks if he is the same who is politician and met in Guddan’s marriage. Rajjo says yes and picks the call. Cheetar greets Rajjo. Hritik greets him. Cheetar asks him if her husband is constable. Rajjo says he is Inspector. Cheetar says he will get him promoted to SP. Rajjo thanks him. Cheetar asks about Amma and asks if she didn’t die yet. Rajjo says hello and goes to room to continue talking. Amma gets angry and asks who is this guy? Happu says he is joking. Rajjo comes back and tells that Cheetar is coming. Amma calls Atbeer Mama and asks him to come. Mama tells that he will come after the month.

Amma comes out and tells Happu that she can’t bear Rajjo’s relatives. Happu says he is faraway relative of Rajjo. Amma says she doesn’t like him. Happu says he will get promotion and asks if she will not like to hear her name as Commissioner’s mother. Amma says ok. He asks which drink to bring? Amma says that one. Happu thanks God for her. Amma slaps him.

Kat tells Kamlesh that they will become very famous as they are painting on the chart. Hritik and Chamchi fight with each other. Kamlesh says Kidos don’t love each other. Kat shows the chart and says this is an answer. Malaika appreciates them for the painting. Ranbir asks them to go to public places and do painting. Kat shows the chart in which she has written SAVE ARTH. Malaika says E comes before ARTH. Kat writes small E.

Swati of Santoshi Maa comes home. Amma asks Rajjo to bring tea and breakfast for her. Swati says she is fasting for Shiv ji. Amma blesses her and tells that she can’t keep fast as she has sugar. Rajjo says she haven’t kept fast when she don’t have sugar. Amma says she is having sugar since childhood. Swati promotes her show and asks them to see the show and know about the fasts. She leaves. Amma scolds Rajjo for teasing her infront of outsider. Rajjo says did you have your medicine? Amma says no. Rajjo says that’s why your anger is increasing.

Happu calls someone and asks to send mutton as his wife’s brother is coming.

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Telecast Date: 27th January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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