Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th December 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th December 2021 episode starts with Vimlesh suggesting Rajesh to control her husband with her beauty and gives her example that she keeps herself ready all the time. Rajesh says she is not interested as she needs to take care of her 9 children and amma who always complains.

Vimlesh says amma loves her a lot. Rajesh says whatever she says, she is doing same routine since 20 years. At police station, Happu sipping tea orders Manohar to check all the files before Reshampal comes. Manohar yells if he will sit idle and rust his brain. Happu warns him to control his tongue. Reshampal enters and pampers Happu. Manohar suggests to transfer Happu to a secluded area.

Reshampal scolds him and says though Happu is a lazy, corrupt, fit for nothing officer, he is an obedient son, so he has recommended Happu’s name for an obedient son’s award by minister. Happu thanks him. Reshampal continues humiliating him and equally praising him.

At home, Rajesh braids Chamchi’s hair while she praises her that she takes good care of Daadi. Hrithik says mummy and Daadi fight like enemies but don’t stab each other. Ranbir says that is the beauty of their house. Rajesh asks them to be specific. Hrithik says their house is too good, his friend’s mummy left home as his grandma tortured his mother a lot. Rajesh says his mother should have given a strong reply to his daadi instead of leaving house. Daadi asks what does she mean.

Rajesh says she was given good morales by her parents and taught not to argue with MIL even if MIL’s verbal abuse crosses its limits. Amma asks if she verbally abuses her. Their argument starts and they both walk in frowning.

Kamlesh offers ice cream to Kat and informs her that her papa had taken loan to get trade license and if he doesn’t get it, they will be on road. She gets concerned that they cannot have momos hereon.

He suggests her to seek her papa’s help in getting his papa’s license. She says her papa takes bribe, so even Sudarshan uncle should give bribe. He asks if her papa will take bribe from her best friend’s papa. She says she doesn’t interfere between her father’s side business. He agrees and asks her to accompany him to speak to her father as his father is very violent.

Happu while having a daily liquor session with Beni informs him about his award. Beni jokes on him. Kat with Kamlesh walks in. Happu asks what is she doing with kavva/crow Kamlesh at this time. Kat says Kamlesh needs his help. Kamlesh says his father needs license to open a factory. Happu agrees.

Beni says he needs to spend 1.5 lakhs as court fees, they will not take any fees. Happu realizes his signal and says he will not take any money from his daughter’s friend. Kamlesh insults Happu in lieu of praising him and walks away happily. Happu returns to Rajesh and gets romantic.

Rajesh gets angry and warns him to dare not touch her. He asks reason. She asks him to ask his amma. He says amma says same and even slaps him. She explains whole story. He suggests her to forgive Amma if she gets adamant. She agrees. He suggests her to prepare ginger tea for amma in the morning and apologize her. She agrees. He gets romantic again.


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Telecast Date:27th December 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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